Nice Branding Agency, Hogwood BBQ awarded for restaurant's brand

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Nice Branding Agency created a restaurant brand for Hogwood BBQ that encompassed a brand narrative, a logo redesign, interior branding, menu design, website design and more. This week, the restaurant was awarded Best New Concept Launch by Restaurant Development + Design, a national restaurant news source. 

Specifically, Nice Branding Agency created the overall brand direction for the restaurant, which is located in Franklin's Thoroughbred Square at 600 Frazier Dr. The project included creating a visual direction for the restaurant, finessing the existing logo to align better with the brand, designing the handheld menu and menu board, designing and developing a custom WordPress website for the restaurant, and selecting all elements of the interior of the restaurant. Additionally, merchandise was curated and designed by the Nice Branding Agency team to further convey the brand, while social media posts were created to introduce the brand into the market prior to launch. 

The Restaurant Development + Design judges felt the Hogwood brand told a story with design and included “stuff you wouldn’t expect to see in a barbecue restaurant but is still on-trend.”

The Nice Branding Agency team developed a strategic narrative that allowed the restaurant’s key differentiators to come across through a storytelling style that would resonate with customers and create an emotional connection with the brand. This story was then woven through the environment, specifically reaching people in the customer journey in a large-scale custom wall graphic and in-laid custom floor tile. This story highlighted that “the soul of barbecue isn’t in the South. It isn’t in any one place. It’s in the fire.”

This narrative allowed the branding team to create cohesion among the restaurant’s key differentiators, including the world-class smoked meats, the sourcing of spices from around the globe and the implementation of new twists on recipes that had been handed down for generations. 

The article said the branding was a particular standout to the judges who felt it was “consistent, thorough, and well done.”

Environmental branding played a key role in the project, as the overall visual direction and the brand narrative were woven into the customer journey at every available touch point. In every nook and cranny of the restaurant, you can feel the brand come alive, which allows for customer connection points. 

“By allowing Nice Branding to create the entire brand and relinquishing creative direction, Hogwood walked away with a brand that has not only piqued the interest of the Nashville community but also has gained them national recognition as a well-branded concept,” Amy Dennis, CEO and creative director at Nice Branding Agency, said. “We loved working on Hogwood.”

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