Petra Coach launches state-of-the-art facility in Franklin

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Petra Coach

Petra Coach is a Franklin-based executive coaching firm.

Franklin-based executive coaching firm Petra Coach has transformed its new space at 4107 Mallory Lane into a state-of-the-art coaching facility, featuring 2,100 square feet of office space and 1,500 square feet of patio space.

The facility boasts open areas, shared work pods and private offices, ample countertop space for working and meeting, a shipping and distribution area to send out the company’s signature “coaching kits,” first-rate audio/visual equipment, a full kitchen and a full gym. The space was designed by Megan Soto with SPATIAL.

Petra Coach member companies can also take advantage of a distinct meeting area within the facility called the “Petra Playground.” The space will be available for rent at a flat fee per day, which includes lunch, supplies, movable furniture to fit a company’s needs and access to a kitchenette and audio/visual equipment for serving customers remotely or meeting with remote employees. The audio/visual system offers video conferencing with multiple camera views, so employees in other locations can feel more like they are in the room. It can also record any meetings hosted in the Playground. 

“We provide a lot of different services, so we wanted to have the ability to bring them in-house rather than renting around town every time we need a space, which gets expensive, or clamoring to the post office with 250 coaching kits to ship,” Petra Coach founder and CEO Andy Bailey said. “Now, our employees have a great space to do their best work, and our member companies can count on a dedicated place for their planning meetings at an affordable price.” 

Petra Coach moved into the space in early September and chose the space for its central location to the interstate, Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin, and nearby restaurants and amenities.

“Most people who do this kind of work don’t have a space like this,” Bailey said. “It’s definitely not your father’s coaching practice.”

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