State Farm agent’s unique path leads to opening local business

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Matt Cole State Farm Insurance held a ribbon cutting on Friday in partnership with Williamson, Inc. 

Agent Matt Cole recently moved to Williamson County from Jonesboro, Arkansas, an exciting opportunity for a former orthopedic salesman. 

“Today seems like, to me, to be the culmination of me being able to live out my dream,” he said. “I just got tired of transactional selling. I really wanted to have one-on-one type of interactions and conversations with people.”

Seven staff members currently work at Cole’s office. 

While Cole may put on a suit now, he started working on his family farm in Missouri, digging trenches to prepare crops for planting.

“My dad is a farmer, his dad was a farmer and his dad was a farmer,” he said. “That’s where I grew up.”

In celebration of the milestone Friday, most of Cole’s family was in attendance, including one very special family member, his adopted son, Landon. 

Cole and his family are big advocates for adoption, and answered the call while living in Arkansas. 

“As a parent, I literally see or feel no difference,” Cole said. “[Landon] has taught us so much about perseverance and life.”

The family received Landon when he was just three days old, and knew early on that they wanted to pursue the long and sometimes difficult process of making him a part of their own family, in addition to their two biological children. 

“We just wanted to live out our faith,” Cole said. “We started doing foster care, and a baby literally fell into our lap.”

Cole is also pursuing other endeavors, such as getting his master’s degree online through the University of Arkansas. 

From auto, home, life or banking services, Cole wants to help his clients navigate the many types of insurance services out there. 

“I genuinely want to serve people the way I want to be served,” he said. “That’s my ultimate goal, and I want to do it with humility every time.”

Matt Cole State Farm Insurance is located at 128 Holiday Court in Franklin. 

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