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Stephens Valley welcomes first residents and makes way for many more

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After completing its first round of home construction in the nature-centered, family-oriented community, Stephens Valley has received its first residents.

Linda Leathers-Tullock, CEO of the nonprofit organization The Next Door Inc., as well as her husband, Gary Tullock, and her mother, Marge Leathers, could not be happier about their decision to relocate to Stephens Valley, a township they say beckoned them from the beginning.

When asked about their recent move, Linda Leathers-Tullock said: “The first time we drove through the property it felt right to us, as the community is a great fit for the whole family. I’m happy, my mom and husband are happy, and we all feel the future is incredibly bright.” 

Stephens Valley seeks to combine the convenience of the modern day, with the pure nostalgia and “front-porch” culture of a simpler time. In addition to architecturally impressive and unique homes, its detailed development plan proposes paved and unpaved nature-trails, a community garden, a farmer’s market, exercise facilities, a Community Meeting House, two swimming pools, tennis and volleyball courts, several parks and playgrounds and a bustling town square filled with shops, restaurants, offices, condos and flats.

Stephens Valley, located in northern Williamson County, is surrounded by gentle rolling hills and is bordered on three sides by the Natchez Trace Parkway, one of the nation’s largest federal parks. The Stephens Valley Development Team, a seamless collaboration of Rochford Realty and Construction Company and Land Innovations, has stood alongside the Natchez Trace Parkway staff in their efforts to protect the natural beauty of the land. 

 “We have worked closely with representatives from the Federal Park System to develop strategies that will minimize the impact on the view-shed from the parkway itself, as well as to protect over 90 percent of the existing tree canopy,” Trey Rochford, vice president at Rochford Realty and Construction Inc., said.

Intricate, one-of-a-kind communities like Stephens Valley evolve slowly, one house and one family at a time. 

 Though the completion of the project’s many phases is still a long way off, new resident Marge Leathers says: “I’m looking forward to sitting on my front porch and watching it happen.”

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