Urgent Team cuts ribbon on newest walk-in center in Franklin

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Urgent Team in Franklin celebrated its recent opening with a ribbon cutting Wednesday in partnership with Williamson, Inc. 

The walk-in clinic’s space at 509 Hillsboro Rd., next to Kroger Fuel, was previously occupied by Judge Bean’s BBQ.

Nancy Conway, Williamson, Inc. senior vice president of community relations, congratulated the 10-member team on selecting Franklin as the place to open its newest location.

“What is so wonderful about this location, this Urgent Team facility and their wonderful staff is the fact that they’re conveniently located,” she said. “If you have a problem that needs more than a Band-Aid but also not as critical as a 911 call, this is the place to come.”

Urgent Team is part of the Urgent Team Family of Centers, which operates urgent and family care centers across the Southeast. The healthcare company strives to provide convenient, walk-in centers and offers a range of healthcare services at its 59 locations across five states, including treatments for injuries and illnesses, occupational health and wellness care. 

CEO and Chairman of Urgent Team Tom Dent has called Franklin home for 20 years, and for him, the ribbon cutting was a short commute. 

“I’ve been in healthcare my entire career,” he said. “I’ve been leading Urgent Team from just after it was formed for seven years.”

The healthcare veteran has plans for the company to add up to 20 new locations by the end of this year.

“I think urgent care itself is meeting a consumer need, and healthcare is trying to lurch forward toward more consumerism,” he said. “Urgent Care sits right at the crossroads of the consumer movement and healthcare delivery.”

Nancy Becker, division vice president, shared more about what Urgent Team is all about. 

“We’re here to serve you and earn your trust,” she said. “Our mission is to provide convenient, affordable and efficient care. We think that’s very important.”

For more information, visit https://www.urgentteam.com.

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