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Veteran-owned power washing company is ready to serve Franklin

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Chapman’s Power Washing Solutions owner Adam Chapman did not always clean decks or sidewalks for a living, however, the coronavirus pandemic led him to finally take the leap into starting his own business.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday in honor of Chapman’s latest venture. The former airline captain shared just a few months ago with Williamson, Inc. Chamber Ambassadors and staff why he made the career change.

“Four months ago, I was an airline captain flying jets around, and if you would’ve told me I’d be standing here running a pressure washing business, I would’ve asked what I did wrong,” Chapman said. “Nonetheless, I couldn’t feel more blessed that I’m standing here doing this today because it’s given me so much opportunity.”

Chapman grew up in Centerville, Tennessee, spent six years serving in the Navy and is a Middle Tennessee State University graduate.

“My degree is in aerospace, so I was 100% invested in the airlines and being a professional pilot,” Chapman said. “Then COVID struck, and I really had to pivot. Panic drove me into thinking what I could do to get something up and running without spending too much.”

In just a few months, the former pilot and veteran had invested in professional power washing equipment to start working for himself.

Chapman currently offers a variety of residential and commercial power washing services all across the greater Nashville area, but since he lives in Franklin, he has an increased focus on building up a customer base here.

“Everything from the roof down, I’m able to tackle it,” he said. “There’s a lot more involved than just plugging in a garden hose and spraying a nozzle at the dirty surface.”

Safety and liability are top concerns for Chapman, who limits the use of ladders and opts to work from the ground with the use of equipment extensions.

“I want people to realize there’s honest people out there providing an honest service,” Chapman said. “When they hire me, they can expect a quality job and know that they’re getting a fair price.”

For more information visit, or call 615-821-0460.

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