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Women in Business connect, share about life 'working from home'

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Earlier this week, the Women in Business steering committee held a virtual meeting. On the Zoom call were members of Williamson, Inc. who serve for three years helping with programming and leadership for the women’s initiative.

Paige Thompson, chair of the steering committee, poised the question to the attendees, “Anything you value more, or less during the pandemic?”

Most of the ladies shared about quality time with family, a shift in priorities and the majority agreed on the less side, cooking.

One of the ladies summed it up best saying, “The pandemic is going to change the face of the work-place moving forward.”

Several of the women who formerly worked in offices discussed how working at home had changed things for the better. A member in the banking industry even went to far as to say, “I don’t want to go back.”

For many professionals, the pandemic has shifted their work culture and going back to the office is not a top priority.

Thompson, who is also the VP Relocation for Sotheby’s International Realty said there are silver linings.

“I think we all had recurrent themes among us of having better quality family time, slowing down, using time for self-reflection and personal growth, saving money, realizing work can be done from home without the need of an office and going back to basics to a simpler way of life,” she said. 

From Williamson, Inc.’s perspective the chamber has had to get creative in working with, and for their members. Ribbon cuttings are primarily being done online and meetings like the WIB committee are connecting virtually.

“The changes brought by the pandemic are allowing our members to choose ways to engage that best fits their schedule and lifestyle," said Abby Bass, senior director of event planning. "We’ve seen this with our ribbon cuttings where attendees have the choice to come in-person or support the business via Zoom.” 

Giving members the option has allowed for more people to welcome and learn about the new businesses. Many of these people were not able to participate and engage in these activities before.

“Moving forward I don’t see why events would not offer both an in-person and virtual options for attendees," Bass added. "Williamson, Inc. is always looking for ways to innovate and our ability to expand our offerings to include virtual options alongside traditional in-person events is just another way to help businesses grow strategically.”

For businesswomen interested in learning more about the women’s initiative, or joining the chamber, visit

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