Franklin Band honors veterans with parade through Fieldstone Farms

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The sounds of drums and horns filled the air Saturday morning as the award-winning Franklin Band marched through Fieldstone Farms, giving a parade for the people of Franklin who have enthusiastically supported them.  

The band also honored veterans in the neighborhood by performing mini-concerts on the parade route that included military service songs, the Revolutionary War anthem “Chester,” college fight songs and even “Happy Birthday.”  

Among the those who received private concerts were Army veterans George Sloan and Robert Schloss, who received the Purple Heart; Marine veteran Wayne Goularte; Navy veteran Gary Geithmann; and Air Force veteran Bruce Roholt.

“We are so thankful for the community of Franklin, Tennessee,” band director Jacob Campos said. “Everything our band does, from nationally ranked competitions to performances, is because of the community around us. We wanted to give back today in some way to this neighborhood and honor those who have served us in the past and the present.”

The band also filled requests for mini-concerts for veterans who lived outside Fieldstone Farms, pulling up in four school buses before disembarking and playing in front of their homes.

Franklin was honored to play “The Marines’ Hymn” for 90-year-old Cliff Steffee, a Korean War veteran who served with the Marines for over 30 years and earned a Purple Heart. Steffee saluted the band throughout their performance, bringing everyone to tears. Before leaving, every student in the band shook his hand.

“What an honor and blessing it was to have the award-winning Franklin High School marching band march through our neighborhood as hundreds of residents lined our streets and cheered them on,” Fieldstone Farms HOA Board President Suzy Roholt said. “The gift of a mini-concert at our clubhouse in honor of our veterans who served our great nation was absolutely inspiring. I believe this is the best event that Fieldstone Farms has ever sponsored, and we hope to make this an annual event as we continue to partner with these amazing students.”

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