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Tennessee selects Pearson to take over student assessment

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee has selected a new vendor to oversee its student assessment test for elementary and secondary students.

Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn announced Thursday that the state intends to award the vendor contract to London-based testing company Pearson.

Details about the contract were not immediately available, including how much it'll cost the state each year but the state had previously estimated it could cost $20 million each year.

Schwinn made the announcement while talking in front of the State Board of Education and did not disclose financial information about Pearson's bid.

Tennessee sought a new school testing vendor after previous rollouts with Questar resulted in statewide delays and sparked outrage from teachers, students and lawmakers.

The state is expected to finalize its contract negotiations with Pearson by June 13.

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THIS IS A CRIME against our culture and heritage! It is outrageous that our politicians allow this radical company to be in charge of our children's education! It may very well boil down to the money here....the most heavily subsidized Pro-Islamic company in the world can beat everyone else's 'cost', but what is the real price? Injecting our children with Anti-American rhetoric will have grave consequences. Unfortunately, many of our politicians seem totally unaware of the insidious workings and policies of Pearson Publishing, or they are unwilling to fight that fight. Pearson's record is Anti-American and obviously biased, especially to anyone that has read any of their writings on Western Civilization. Is our conservative Christian Governor out to lunch? Are our conservative legislators unwilling to fight like they say they will when they knock on our doors and shake our hands? Do they have the energy and the passion of their convictions, or are they unwittingly allowing our country's proud Christian heritage and actual history to be overturned by a bunch of thugs with an Anti-American agenda and slant? Hopefully, one of them will stand up and be counted when it really maters!

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