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Christmas with Patrick Thomas set for Monday at Franklin Theatre

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Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas will perform a Christmas show at the Franklin Theatre.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and powerful vocalist Patrick Thomas will perform Christmas music at the Franklin Theatre Monday at 7 p.m.

Thomas has spent 20 years crafting a sound uniquely his own.

While attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville, he was selected to perform on the inaugural season of NBC’s "The Voice" in 2011. He made it all the way to the semifinals, and his Nashville career was jumpstarted soon after.

Thomas performs and sings a variety of genres, most often country, but his favorite music to play is holiday music.

“I had somebody make fun of me in an interview I gave back on 'The Voice' where they asked my favorite genre of music, and 20-year-old me said Christmas music, because I love it,” he said. “I love the melodies. I love the joy. I love the feel, the spirit. So, this time is always really fun.”

In a performance style that he describes as a mixture of Michael Bublé, Elton John and Bing Crosby, Thomas will perform traditional Christmas classics widely known and loved.

“The first performance I ever did was at 4 years old singing 'O Holy Night' with my mom at our church,” he said. “So, there’s a lot of nostalgia for me around Christmas music … and country music for me has its own merits. I love the simplicity of it and the stories that it tells, but there’s something that will always be super special and unique to me about holiday music, where you have these just gorgeous melodies and arrangements. It just gives me chills.”

Thomas’ family has a background in Broadway. He remembers as a child gathering around the piano with his family every Christmas to sing carols and other Christmas music.

Thomas is also excited to play alongside other talented musicians at Monday’s show.

“The band, for me, is something I would really look forward to,” he said. “We switched it up a little bit from previous years, but it’s just as exceptional. For example, our electric guitar player was the band leader for Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson, a couple of years ago we had a bass player who played bass for Jerry Lee Lewis, and we have a different bass player this year, but equally phenomenal. So, just knowing the backgrounds of some of these players and the caliber of these players … I really look forward to the music.”

Thomas can’t wait to spread heartwarming holiday cheer to audience members of all backgrounds.

“I will be singing Christmas songs, but it doesn’t have to just be for Christians,” he said. “It can be for all beliefs, all religions. It’s a special family-oriented time of year, and I want people to come, bring their family, experience that nostalgia, experience that warmth, because that’s really what the show is all about. It’s this really familial experience, which I think we all really want and need … to connect after so much time where we’ve just so totally lacked connection over the last year or two.”

Tickets are on sale on the Franklin Theatre website.

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