Review: TPAC presents the smashing — and bald — Blue Man Group

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They look like three hairless, unemotional yet wild-eyed, shiny blue-skinned survivors of an atomic event. The Blue Man Group members are childlike and creatively curious, finding passion in splashing neon-colored paint with mallets on drums to crazy additive rhythms and drumming on long expanding and decreasing tubes, or, as the night goes on, any object that gives a strong beat.

Their uses of props — especially those that glow in the dark — are extremely funny. They even create hysterical chaos by releasing objects into the theater and into the seated patrons. 

The audience is thrilled to be part of the hysterical madness. The bright blue men’s hypnotic creations are delightfully insane blends of excitement, spontaneity and comedy. They are truly enjoyable to watch (or, in some cases, to watch out for).

The Blue Man Group is backed by an excellent band and enhanced with large back walls of animated media presentations. Director Jenny Koons is in her first collaboration with the group, which is owned and operated by Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, describing performances as “euphoric celebrations of human connection through art, music, comedy and non-verbal communication.”

The audience was amazed opening night and certainly left more energized than when they came in, and since the experience is almost primeval, they may have last been seen climbing trees along Interstate 840.

This sensational gift from TPAC will play from Feb. 11 to 16 in TPAC’s Jackson Hall, located at 505 Deaderick St. 

For more information or for tickets, call 615-782-4040 or go to

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