Tunes for Tucker's House to celebrate 10 years of helping local families

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Tunes for Tucker's House, a celebration of 10 years of service to families of children with special needs featuring some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, will take place at The Factory of Franklin, on Saturday, Aug. 24 in Liberty Hall.  

The event, hosted by Tucker’s House, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, will also include dinner, drinks and a unique Tucker’s House Playhouse to be raffled off. Songwriters will include Matt Jenkins, Tim Nichols and Bryan Simpson.

Event presenting sponsor is FedEx Ground, and others include, HomeLift, Legacy Investment Planning, Pinnacle Financial and Thorndale Partners LLC. 

All proceeds will go toward the mission of Tucker’s House — partnering with the families of children with disabilities by providing the home renovation and retrofitting services and resources necessary to make their homes safer and more accessible.

Attendees will enjoy entertainment, food, wine and beverages while supporting an important mission that makes a life-changing impact on the families of children with disabilities requiring home retrofits. Tickets are $150 per person and are available at Tucker’s House website,

Tucker’s House serves the Middle Tennessee area, home to cutting-edge pediatric medical facilities that draw families to our community from all over the country. Families of children with special needs make this area home to be close to this excellent medical care for their children. Many of these families live in homes that are ill-equipped and even unsafe for their children. 

There is a profound and unending need in the community for these families to have access to the resources they need to make their homes safe, accessible and inclusive. Unfortunately, a large majority of these families can’t afford the cost of these modifications. Not only is this unsafe for the child, but also for all caregivers (often women), who are repeatedly lifting, carrying and transferring their growing child. Most caregivers, who are the primary caregivers for the child’s entire life, experience chronic pain and injuries of their own. 

“I see the challenges these families face every day for their children to perform activities of daily living,” Pediatric Physical Therapist Sandra Zaccari said. “An inadequate home multiplies the challenges both physically and emotionally. Tucker’s House is helping meet a profound and unending need in our community. The home retrofits that Tucker’s House does for these families are truly life changing.”

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