Finding Balance

Constance Rhodes

Finding Balance, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to free individuals from eating and body image issues, will be hosting a national summit and charity gala event June 22-23 at Liberty Hall in The Factory at Franklin.

The Franklin organization is rooted in the Christian faith and uses Christ-centered resources in an effort to streamline recovery from eating disorders.

The Hungry for Hope summit will celebrate its own 10th anniversary and host a number of certified clinicians, counselors, psychologists, pastors and even musicians.

The event will also include a presentation from founder and CEO of Finding Balance, Constance Rhodes. Rhodes experienced eating issues during college but was disheartened by the lack of help there was for people with similar concerns.

“I struggled to find help and wanted a faith-based component to the help,” Rhodes said. “I worked in a very image-conscious environment and so as I began to find freedom I published a book called Life Inside the ‘Thin’ Cage. What started as just speaking, doing events and visiting colleges became a network of growing resources that could be accessed anywhere.”

Since Rhodes published her book in 2002, Finding Balance has served over one million people in its goal of a world that “eats well and lives free.”

The event is meant to help and inspire any individuals influenced or directly affected by eating disorders with a community track and to improve the knowledge of health professionals in regard to these problems with a clinical track. In fact, attending clinicians can earn up to nine Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

 Yet, the event does not consist merely of concrete scientific material.  The summit will be combining art, creativity, music and worship along with its medical information.

“We pull art into what we do,” Rhodes said. “We have sessions with recording artists. We have concerts, songwriting workshops and even use dance. It is not just a conference; it is an experience.”

After the summit itself, a charity gala called Freedom Stories will take place with many individuals sharing “truth statements.” For example, individuals in recovery will speak and “give inspiring stories that promote self-worth and community building.”

 General admission to the summit is $249 without financial aid, and admission plus the clinical workshops is $299.

“Three out of four women have some kind of food issue,” Rhodes said. “We can help our daughters and our sons establish healthier body image by making peace with food in our bodies now.”

For more information on the Hungry for Hope summit and how freedom is possible, go to

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