Franklin mayor's Unite Williamson group to host prayer breakfast

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Franklin pedestrians celebrate new sidewalk along Murfreesboro Road

Monique McCullough, Mayor Ken Moore (center) and lead the pack during the walk on the new sidewalk along Murfreesboro Road. 

Unite Williamson will host a prayer breakfast Saturday, Oct. 20 at Harlinsdale Park in Franklin.

The inaugural event is expected to host hundreds of representatives from over 200 churches, synagogues, mosques and temples across Williamson County.

Franklin Mayor Dr. Ken Moore founded the organization - not in his official capacity as mayor, but as a resident of the Williamson County community - after witnessing the response of a diverse, faith-based community following the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

“In the wake of that horrific event, people of all faiths came to the support of the church and the surrounding community,” Moore said. “Through Unite Williamson, we hope to strengthen our community by creating a formal connection through prayer and commitment to bring hope and unity in a time of great need, should it arise.”

The keynote speaker for the October event will be Franklin Police Chief Deb Faulkner, who will share her thoughts on the importance of a unified community.

“I’m honored to be asked to speak at this important event that will bring together our community through faith, unity and friendship,” Faulkner said. “I hope this prayer breakfast will become an annual recognition of how amazing Williamson County is and the people who are committed to keeping it that way.”

Unite Williamson organizers invite all citizens from across the county to participate. There is limited capacity for this year’s event.

Letters to leaders at all area faith-based organizations have been sent requesting participation at the breakfast. The organization asks those not able to attend in-person to join the group in praying for Williamson County.

“I believe that across all faiths there is a shared compassion that calls us to give of ourselves for the good of others,” Moore said. “Our hope is that those who attend this inaugural event will take the hope, excitement and commitment to serve our county back to their places of worship and surrounding communities.”

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