Bridges Domestic Violence Center, the only domestic violence (DV) organization in Williamson County, is looking to share more about its program and to shine light on the troubling issue of DV during the domestic violence month of October.

Bridges serves women, men and their children affected by domestic violence, ensuring a safe transition to successful independent living through education, intervention and case management.  The staff at Bridges Domestic Violence Center understands that leaving an abusive situation can be complicated, difficult and sometimes dangerous.

The organization’s program is available to assist with several services:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Temporary shelter
  • Case management
  • Child advocacy
  • Court advocacy
  • Community awareness
  • Transitional resources
  • Support group
  • Batterers intervention

Bridges’ primary goal is, first, to get clients into a safe environment. Once they are settled and safe, the organization has resources to help empower them and move into a life of independence and self-determination.

All services are offered in strictest confidence.

Do you need help?

“If you've decided to leave an abusive relationship, we're here to give you shelter and to assist you. Your privacy is important to us. Because of generous donations, any assistance you receive is free of charge and will be provided with complete confidentiality.

“Please call 615.599.5777. If you are in immediate physical danger, please call 911, then give us a call.

“With the month of October being DV awareness month, we are striving to bring even more attention to such an overlooked topic. We are so thankful to have various community partners, law enforcement, and district attorneys that support our program to help bring a safer life to so many who need it.”

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