Over the past several years, Daughters of the King has flown under the radar in the nonprofit community but has made a huge impact on the community, helping thousands each year, under the basic idea – that everyone is welcome.

“Everyone is welcome,” DOTK co-founder Tracye Tucker, adding with no strings attached and no judgment. 

“We serve anybody. If you can jump over that pride and get through the door, we will give you something.”

Daughters of the King nonprofit, made up of a group of 10 women, has been helping the community since 2014, expanding their reach and impacting lives each year in the Franklin community.

“Our mission is to transform the lives of women and children in mind, body and soul,” Tucker said.

“DOTK serves with the commitment to encourage the transformation of mind, body and soul through effort-driven initiatives to demonstrate the love of Christ.”

Tucker and the DOTK offer programs including free feeding programs during the summer, fall and winter, Back-to-School Field Day, a DOTK Pageant coming up in June and an empowerment weekly Bible study. 

Feed My Lambs, a free summer feeding ministry, serves the community during the months of June and July when school is out and meals are scarce for some.

“We will serve anyone who wants a plate,” Tucker said. “You don’t have to be that broke, busted and disgusted. You can’t look at people and know what they are going through. You can’t spot the poor. The traditional American attire is we all wear jeans and a T-shirt. We don’t ask questions.” 

Tucker said there is a need in Franklin that many don’t realize.  DOTK served 300 a day during the summer last year with Feed My Lambs.

By December, DOTK served 4,000 members of the community through its feeding programs combined, during the summer, fall and winter. 

DOTK started serving others through the feeding programs but have expanded to serve young girls through helping them develop a healthy self image. 

The purpose of the upcoming DOTK pageant is to “destroy low self esteem and self image in girls and young women.”

“So many young girls and women are struggling with self-esteem issues. People can be mean,” Tucker said. “There is bullying going on, and it can deeply affect people. Some have even resorted to suicide as we hear across the nation. You never know where someone’s mind is. It takes strength and support.”

At the Back-to-School Extravaganza Field Day last year, they gave out 100 backpacks with school supplies, while providing food, games and other activities in addition to serving thousands of meals, including food delivery for seniors. 

Tucker said that the DOTK looks forward to continuing their program and transforming lives into the future.

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