Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall in the dining room at Harvest at Homestead Manor.


This year, local restauranteur Andy Marshall of A. Marshall Family Foods will have three of his restaurants — Puckett’s Grocery (with locations in Franklin and Nashville), Puckett’s Boathouse and The Harvest at Homestead Manor — represented at the 16th Annual Wine Down Main Street, benefitting The Boys & Girls Club. 

His interest in the Club runs deeper than just another local charity. He has a desire to help boys and girls in the community at the organization where he used to attend himself.

“I know what they do and the time they spend tutoring and providing those kids with a purpose and with plenty of love,” Marshall said. “A lot of kids need love and guidance to keep them off the streets and provide them with what they need to be successful. I was one of those kids.”

A Boys & Girls Club in Memphis came into young Andy Marshall’s life at a time when he was in need of something to keep him off the streets and away from temptations he would have been exposed to.

“I wasn’t a bad kid, but I needed something and I didn’t know where to find it,” he said. 

Marshall was in his early teens, and at about 11, 12 or 13 years old, he was at a point in which he could go either way — to find constructive activities or succumb to negative pressures.

“I had a sordid childhood,” he said. “My older brother left when he was 15 and my sister ran away when she was 14.”

Marshall got involved in sports, received help with his homework, found safety and a place where he was welcomed, instead of wandering the streets waiting until his parents got home. He also found the Lord and turned his life around.

“There are a lot of kids like me — not necessarily bad kids, but if you give them too much time alone, they could get into trouble,” he said.

Marshall is also involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Maury and Davidson counties. 

In addition to the A. Marshall Family Foods restaurants, several new restaurants have joined the list of food tasting stops at Wine Down Main Street. They include Buttermilk Sky Pie, Shakolad Chocolate Factory, Triple-Crown Bakery, Pieology Pizza, Firebirds Wood Grill and the Bonefish Grill, returning after a three-year hiatus.

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