Jazsmin Robertson

Jazsmin Robertson, 2016 Middle Tennessee Youth of the Year is now a freshman at the University of Memphis.

Last March, Jazsmin Robertson was named Middle Tennessee’s 2016 Youth of the Year. She is now a freshman at the University of Memphis majoring in psychology. A May 2016 graduate of Franklin High School, Jazsmin was a member of the National Honor Society and a member of the Franklin Boys & Girls Club for eight years. She graduated with Williamson County honors and was awarded almost $15,000 in scholarships from various local organizations.

In a recent email, Jazsmin answered questions about preparing for the Youth of the Year competition and for college. She shared lessons she learned during the process and whether she felt she was well prepared for her college journey. Her answers provide sage advice to her friends at the Franklin Boys & Girls Club. 

“Use your resources,” Robertson said about preparing for the Youth of the Year competition. “Boys & Girls Club staff members are there to help you. No one else can tell your story like you can. If you are confident, and it comes from the heart, it will be easy; don’t be nervous. Make sure you are involved in school as well as your community. Those activities will aid in building a solid foundation.” 

She also advised her friends in their collegiate search.

“Make sure you are well-prepared and equipped for the ACT test. It is one of the deciding factors in college acceptance. Develop good relationships with your teachers and other leaders in the community. You might need a recommendation from them.”

Robertson also explained that the most important lesson she learned, while preparing for college, is to start looking early.

“Start looking at colleges early; look for scholarships early; know the requirements of the college you select and your intended major,” she wrote. “When you select your college and declare a major, make the choice for you and do not be influenced by others.

“I don’t think you can fully prepare yourself for this new transition. You just have to be flexible and patient,” she added.

Robertson also reflected on her first couple of months of college life.

College life brings additional freedom and independence, which has caused her to mature, she said.

Also, Robertson said she is thankful that she was well prepared for college.

“This semester, classes are a lot easier than I thought,” she wrote. “It is like a review of what I learned in high school.”

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