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All involved make for another successful Franklin Classic

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Before the sun made an appearance Monday morning, streets throughout downtown Franklin were already awake, teaming with racers, volunteers and spectators eager to begin another round of the annual Franklin Classic. 

Volunteers with Mercy Community Healthcare were busy setting up tents, race routes, water stations and a stage while sponsors were setting up a food station for runners and advertising their services and wares. 

As the sun began its climb, more than 2,000 runners, walkers filled the area ready to begin their races and another couple thousand to cheer them on. The 5K was the most popular of the three races with 1,279 participants. The 10K had more than 600 runners and more than 70 runners ran both races. Several hundred eager kids ran in the Kids race.

Some of the youngsters who ran in the 1K Kids Run demonstrated their enthusiasm for the run — and the possibility of one day joining family members in one of the longer races — by running full-out around the course. Others were less competitive and took their time. Some even found someone to carry them part of the .62-mile route.

In both the 5K and 10K races there were wheelchair participants. Timothy Vogus pushed his son Aiden using a racing wheelchair in the 5K. Both had a chip time of 23:18. Amy Saffell, a regular to the Franklin Classic for many years, pushed her wheelchair in the 10K race and earned a chip time of 1:16:31.  

The top three overall male racers for the 5K were Cormac Carolan, with a chip time of 16:53; Jonathan Helton, with a time of 17:28; and Kazufumi Seki, coming in at 17:40. The top three female runners were Gisela Olalde at 18:22; Laura-Ashley Cuthill, with a time of 19:32; and Ninette Menna, 20:09.

There were four males in the 80-99 year old group who ran in the 5K; Carlos Cobos age 80, came in first with a time of 27:50; Ted Wilson, age 82, came in second with a time of 38:36 and Larry Holmes, age 82, walked away with third place medal and a time of 51:38. Richard Ess, age 80 , came in with a chip time of 58:39.

In the senior women group, ages 75-79, were 76-year-old Jeanette Higbe, who came in first with a 45:23 chip time; Joan Cinelli, 75, with a 47:33 chip time; and Elizabeth Hagan, 77, at 55:54.

The oldest senior women age 80-99 were 87-year old Marlene Schrader, the oldest participant in the classic. She crossed the finish line with a 1:08:38 chip time and Joyce Kennedy, age 84. She was just a second behind with a time 1:08:39.

The top three youngest of the male 5K runners were Luc Scannapieco, 8, who had a 25:19 chip time; Ethan Reyes, 9, had a 25:42 chip time; and Mason Adams, 9, had a time of 26:59. 

The top three youngest female runners were Feruza Lewis, 8, who ran a 26:41; Emily Westbrook, 9, at 27:22; and Delia Sheaffer, 8, who ran the race in 31:00.

The top three overall 10K runners in the male category were Nick French, with a time of 31:35; Jordan Wilson, 33:30; and Tony White, with a 34:15 chip time.

In the overall female category Giselda Olade came in first with a 36:13 chip time, right behind her was Lauren Weaver with a time of 36:19 and in third place overall was Celeste Goodson with a 39:30 chip time.

The oldest male running in the Franklin Classic 10K race was 81-year-old Dennis Christian, who did the 6.2-mile course in 1:00:20. Frank Schmidt, 80, ran a 1:44:10.

Jerrie Barber, 74, famous for running barefooted in his red running outfit, finished in 1:15:15. 

The most senior female was 78-year-old Margie Stoll. Her chip time was 1:08:20. 

In the 70-74 age group, Margaret Galloway, 70, came in first, running the course in 1:12:39. Nancy Stewart, 70, came in second with a time of 1:13:09, and third place, Sharon Quintana, 70, had a chip time of 1:19:47. Carol Rolfes’s time of 1:28:10 put the 71-year-old in fourth place in the age group.

The youngest entries in the 10K were two 10-year-old boys. Cameron Culhane and Hudson Oakes tied for third place in the age 10-14 group, with a chip time of 59:12. First place in that age group was Garrett Neff, age 14 with a time of 39:31 and second place McKinley Zimmerman, age 14, with a 55:59.

The youngest females were 12-year-old Cole Taylor, who came in first in the 10-14 age group with a time of 59:25, and Sofia Taylor, 12, who came in second place with a chip time of 1:06:20. Anna Michelson, 13, came in third with a 1:10:28.

To find additional chip times, go to and click on race results.

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