Ten years after taking over as owners of Stoveworks Restaurant at The Factory at Franklin, owners Pat McCracken and Sam Barcus decided it was time to transform the restaurant with a new menu, new ambiance and most notably, a new name: Lyrics Restaurant & Catering.

Soon after the acclaimed Studio Tenn theater company made their home at the Factory, they began offering dinner as an experiment with the presence of more evening visitors. Upon its success, they decided to quickly move ahead with a complete transformation adding a 15-seat bar, new lighting and décor as well as live music three nights a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings). 

The family-owned restaurant also welcomed a new executive chef, Austin Terrell who hails from Cooperstown, NY and attended culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America. Terrell’s offerings are described as “Seasonal Southern Fusion with a melody of vibrant flavors”.

At first Southern fare was foreign to Terrell, but he quickly mastered the cuisine.

“I take an American classic and add a twist of Southern stylings and flavors,” Terrell said. 

Lyrics hosted a tasting of their new menu where samples included Cherrywood Beef Filet, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Ragin’ Cajun Burger, Pimento Chicken Club and a Caprese skewer. 

Lyrics Restaurant also offers event space with a full catering menu and bar service as well as onsite catering at all of the Factory’s event spaces.

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