Morning Pointe of Franklin unveils Wall of Honor to recognize veterans

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A special ceremony was held on Friday at Morning Pointe of Franklin to highlight its new “Wall of Honor,” which recognizes the 18 veterans who currently reside at the senior living community. 

Family, friends and community members attended the unveiling, and the Peterson for Parkinson’s Choir performed patriotic music at a reception afterwards. 

Among the family members who attended was Jan Marshall, married to Andy Marshall. The couple owns A. Marshall Family Foods. 

Jan Marshall accompanied her father and mother, William and Fran Crouch, at the ceremony. 

William Crouch, 92, served in the Navy during World War II on the USS Oklahoma City. 

Jan Marshall described the honorable wall that bears her father’s picture as “priceless” for what it represents. 

“Any time you can honor all of our veterans, but especially the veterans of World War II, is priceless. They are fading away,” she said. 

One of the other veterans pictured on the wall is Morning Pointe resident Clifford Smith, 89, who served as an Army military police officer in Germany from 1951-53.

For Smith, the wall represents the way he feels all veterans should be honored and recognized. 

“It means a lot. I’m very proud that I could serve — and that I came back,” Smith said. 

Morning Pointe plans to recognize all veterans who reside in its communities, according to Executive Director Steven Frisch. 

Frisch is an Air Force veteran. He explained how the wall brings a sense of fellowship.

“It’s like a brotherhood and sisterhood because it’s a bond that only 1% of Americans do,” Frisch said. “The Wall of Honor is just a way to recognize those who have served.”

Veterans at Morning Pointe of Franklin who are pictured on the wall include: Artie Schlanker, John Niznik, Bud Edwards, Steven Frisch, Brady Luckett, William Binkley Bruce Potts, Mickey Davis, Edward Daleuski, Janet Melsa, Charles Hawkins, Clifford Smith, William Crouch, Tom McCray, Hall Sumrall and Gerald Hess.

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