Rain can’t extinguish Carnton illumination ceremony

Event commemorates lives lost in the Battle of Franklin

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The rain didn’t keep people away from Carnton on Saturday to commemorate the 10,000 casualties of the Battle of Franklin 155 years ago. 

For the second year, luminaries were supposed to be placed inside the Carnton house and outside on the front yard. However, due to heavy rain, the luminaries instead were displayed only inside the historic home, as well as at the historic Carter House on Franklin’s Columbia Avenue. 

“The illumination has taken on different forms, places variations and certainly different weather,” Battle of Franklin Trust CEO Eric Jacobson said.

Jacobson set the scene for what life looked like on Nov. 30, 1864, and at exactly 4 p.m., when the Battle of Franklin started.

“One hundred and fifty-five years ago, starting at 4 p.m., one of the most awful battles of the American Civil War began here on the outskirts of Franklin,” he said.

For several hours Saturday, different speakers read a fifth of the 10,000 names of casualties involved in the conflict. Every year, volunteers read a different group of names. 

“That’s why we’re here,” Jacobson said. “To remember at least some by name of those who were killed, wounded or captured. The luminaries represent just a portion of those casualties.”

Jacobson asked attendees to consider as they walked through the illumination the impact of what happened on the grounds they were standing on.

“As you listen to the names and look at the luminaries, consider what happened here and consider what happened as a result of the American Civil War, and how close we came to destroying ourselves,” he said.

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