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Republican women group hosts speaker from Concerned Women of America

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Republican Women of Williamson County

Sara Olson, chief advancement officer for Concerned Women of America, was the guest speaker for the September lunch meeting of Republican Women of Williamson County at Old Natchez Country Club.

The September lunch meeting of the Republican Women of Williamson County featured one of their own as the guest speaker.  

Although her office is in Washington, D.C., Sara Olson still calls Williamson County home. Olson is the chief advancement officer, or “Thanker in Chief,” as she put it, for the Concerned Women of America, the nation’s largest policy arena for women. Her job includes seeking strategic ways to advance CWA’s mission to defend the family, promote education reform, religious liberty, national sovereignty, protect the sexually exploited and support Israel. She actively forges new national partnerships and protects CWA’s most treasured relationships.   

According to Olson, CWA has been working for more than 40 years to return the country to the biblical principles upon which it was founded in all levels of public policy.   

“We are the other women’s voice,” Olson said. “We love God, we love our country and we treasure our men. We are changing the face of women’s rights.”   

CWA strives to include scripture-based biblical principles in areas like defense, Olson said. Most recently, CWA has been addressing the issues of Christian foster care, abortion and transgender men.   

“We work with all three branches of government,” Olson said. “Everything we do is based on biblical values.”  

During a recent Prayers for Afghanistan rally in Washington, D.C., thousands of women prayed for the lives of Americans and Afghan citizens trying to leave Afghanistan, for Afghan allies and the women and children whose lives have been dramatically changed.  

“We need to send a message [to our leaders] that as a country we live up to our promises and we do not abandon our allies,” Olson said. “Right now, we need a miracle.”  

She spoke of the support CWA members provided during the hearings of Supreme Court nominees Michael Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.  

CWA was also involved in the Free to Foster case, in which the city of Philadelphia denied religious foster care agencies — specifically Catholic Social Services — from placing children because, due to religious convictions, it would not place children with same sex or unmarried couples. The court unanimously voted in favor of Catholic Social Services.  

The organization is currently revving up to present oral arguments to the Supreme Court if it decides sometime this fall to hear the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that could lead to major changes in abortion legislation. The case centers around a 2018 Mississippi law known as the Gestational Age Act that seeks to protect women and unborn children by limiting elective abortions to 15 weeks except in a medical emergency or severe fetal abnormalities.   

“It’s about whether it’s a state’s rights issue,” Olson said. “Rights not in the Constitution are not granted to the federal government. The Constitution and Christians are being silenced, and we will no longer be complacent.”   

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