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Home sweet home: Brentwood holds a special place in this family’s heart

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Derby, Maggie, Derby and Cassie Jones

Derby, Maggie, Derby and Cassie Jones


Our family moved to Brentwood in November of 2005. We outgrew our first starter home in Nashville, and as much as I loved where we lived, I knew the pending birth of our son would be too much for our little two-bedroom house.

I had no desire to move to Brentwood. I still worked in downtown Nashville, and my commute was an easy 10-minute drive down 12th Avenue South. I had everything I needed. However, one thing my wife kept mentioning was that we were going to need good public schools in the near future, and that played a huge role in our decision to move south.

The goal was to live in Williamson County but have easy access to Nashville. We found a house in Brentwood and after much debate, we moved.

I hated it! The people were different, the attitude was different, the house was larger but it wasn’t cozy, and the commute to downtown was horrible! Concord Road and Interstate 65 were intimidating to me at rush hour. I missed my little ranch house in the heart of Nashville. I missed my jogging route where I would push our baby jogger. I missed the close access to great bars and restaurants from our house.

Fast forward to October 2006, and my commute changed to downtown Franklin when we purchased the Herald. This is when my attitude towards Brentwood and Williamson County started to change. My job required me to get involved in the community, to actually get to know people in Brentwood and the community. I made new friends and learned more about where I lived. We joined Brentwood United Methodist Church and with that came a new family. Brentwood was starting to grow on me.

However, with the Herald located in downtown Franklin, it was normal for me to be more involved in Franklin than Brentwood, at least at first. In fact, most of the people I came to know just assumed I lived in Franklin. I loved downtown Franklin and wished Brentwood could have a downtown like Franklin. I invested in a new Town Center concept with hopes to develop a new downtown. However, with the stock market crash in 2008, away went my investment and a vision for a new downtown Brentwood. The new Hill Center and City Park retail parks have been welcome developments with our family.

Once the kids started school and athletics, it became clearer to me why families would want to move to Brentwood. We have great schools – our kids attended Edmondson Elementary and loved it. We spent a lot of our weekends at the YMCA soccer fields and Civitan Park. We discovered that you could take the path from the Y and go all the way to Crockett Park. Now, you can even take the path all the way to Smith Park. Brentwood has great parks, and the connectivity makes using them so much easier for a family.

We discovered the amazing library right down the street from us, again connected to the parks. We also discovered that during the summer, Brentwood offers free concerts at Crockett Park. This became a summer ritual for us, as we still take the kids and picnic to hear live music on any given Sunday during the summer.

We graduated from the Y soccer fields to the big fields at Crockett Park for TSC soccer and Blaze football, and with each team comes a new family of friends. This year, my daughter, Maggie, started high school at Brentwood High, and my son started at Brentwood Middle. With this came another level of parental commitment and renewed enthusiasm for our great schools. The Battle of the Woods is like no other, no matter what sport you are talking about.

We are 10 minutes from everything in Brentwood, and now with the new retail developments, we even have choices for restaurants and shopping. The network of friends we have developed in school, travel sports teams, church and the Herald has opened up the best of Brentwood for us. That is why we now can’t imagine living anywhere else.

We are proud to be residents of Brentwood and all the city has to offer. Happy birthday, Brentwood!

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