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Rabies clinics offered around the county

Rabies knows no season, but statistically, with the warm weather comes an increase in the number of cases reported to Williamson County Animal Control.

So while the house is getting its annual spring cleaning, officials suggest getting animals their annual rabies vaccination.

To make more convenient for Williamson County residents, Animal Control, with the help of area veterinarians, will be offering Rabies Clinics for dogs each Saturday in April from 1-3 p.m. at various locations around the county. The cost of a shot is $10 per animal.

“This gives everybody an opportunity to put their dogs in the car and go to one of these sites on a weekend and get a reduced price (for the rabies shot),” said Debby Leddy, WCAC assistant director.

So far this year there have been four documented cases of rabies in the county including one in Spring Hill in February where two dogs, who were not current on their rabies shots, were euthanized per owner request after being exposed to a rabid skunk.

The annual number of rabies cases is unpredictable and hinges greatly upon the weather. In 2006 there was 11 cases of rabid skunks, but in the past bats have been found to be infected and a couple years ago a horse was diagnosed with the disease.

Typically, the spring and summer months will bring out more wild animals, increasing the risk for rabies, Leddy said.

Although all four cases within the county this year have involved skunks, one of the most common transmitters of rabies, the disease can strike any mammal, including livestock like goats, pigs and horses. People can also be infected, which is why the disease is such a concern, Leddy said.

According to a 2001 report by the Center for Disease Control, skunks accounted for nearly 31 percent of all rabies cases, second only to raccoons, however, the majority of rabid raccoons are found along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions.

According to Leddy, rabid animals exhibit atypical behavior. Healthy skunks are nocturnal by nature but when they become sickly their habits may change and they could appear during the day, or show no fear of people or other animals.

“You will know if the (skunk) is acting odd,” Leddy said. “It may be out during the day in the wide open and it won’t seem scared of anything.”

Leddy strongly encourages all dog owners to find a way to attend one of the clinics, and all pet owners to have their furry friend vaccinated annually.

“Ultimately, you don’t want to take the chance,” she said. If an animal has been exposed to rabies and is not current with its rabies vaccinations, it will be confined or euthanized, “No one wants to be in that position with their animal.”

Do not approach or touch any wildlife, Leddy cautioned. Anyone observing odd unusual behavior in wildlife or has knowledge of a pet that may have been exposed to a sick animal, should call the Williamson County Animal Control at (615)-790-5590.

Saturday, April 7
Veterinarian sponsor                            Location
Animal Care Brentwood                Crockett Elem.               Crockett Road           Brentwood
Beauchamp Animal Hosp.           Centennial High            Royal Oaks Blvd         Franklin
White Oak Animal Hospital            Fairview Elem.            Hwy 100             Fairview   
Rock N Country Veterinary Clinic    Nolensville Elem.    Nolensville Road    Nolensville   
Cool Springs Animal Hospital    Page High              Arno Rd              Arno     
PetVet                                                    Davis Grocery              Leiper’s Creek Road     Boston   
Saturday, April 14       
Noah's Ark Animal Hospital               Brentwood Mdle.        Granny White Pike    Brentwood     
Natchez Trace Veterinary Clinic    Hillsboro School    Pinewood Road    Franklin   
Williamson Cty Animal Hospital    Franklin High      Hillsboro Road    Franklin   
Mobile Vet-Childs                           Pinewood School    Pinewood Road    SW County   
Bradford Animal Hospital                Huff's Grocery               Carters Creek Pike    Burwood   
Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic    Bethesda Elem.    Bethesda Road    Bethesda

Saturday, April 21           
Animal Health Care Franklin            Grassland Mdle.                    Hillsboro Road     Franklin
Battleground Animal Hospital    Oakview Elem.          Henpeck Lane        SE County   
Little House Animal Hospital             Trinity Elem.                         Highway 96 East      E County   
White Oak Animal Hospital          Fairview City Hall (new)          Highway 100       Fairview   
Crossroads Veterinary Clinic          College Grove Elem.     Arno/College Grove    College Grove   
Mobile Vet-Haber               Heritage Elem                Highway 31    Thompson Sta   
Fairview Veterinary Clinic            Hillsboro School                     Pinewood Road        Franklin                   
Saturday, April 28            
Little House Animal Hospital       Wmson Cty Adm Complex           West Main Street         Franklin Franklin Road Animal Hospital    Lipscomb Elem             Concord Road         Brentwood   
Mobile Vet-Haber                              Fox's Grocery          Bending Chestnut        SW County   
Mobile Vet-Childs                       Fairview City Hall (new)               Hwy 100         Fairview   
Nolensville Veterinary Clinic              Nolensville Elem           Nolensville Road         Nolensville   
Rock N Country Veterinary Clinic   A & D Market                          Lewisburg Pike             Harpeth   

Posted on: 4/5/2007


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