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Scales third graders treated to special story time

Twenty students in Angelica Kehayes third grade class at Scales Elementary School in Brentwood were treated to a reading group with two very special guests yesterday – Gov. Bill Haslem and his wife Crissy.

The Haslems were “won” for around $300 when Brad and Marilyn Bell were the highest bidder for the Haslems in a recent Birth to Books auction. The Bell’s son Eli is in the class and was among one of the children who not only heard the Haslem’s read “It’s a Fine, Fine School,” by Sharon Creech, but who also got to ask them questions afterward.

The students were captivated as the Haslems shared the responsibility for reading the book and showing the images to the children who sat on the floor and were on the best behavior.

“It’s great to have books at home,” said Gov. Haslem as he described the Birth to Books program to the students. He told them about how Dolly Parton started the program in her home county and now the program, which provides books to children, once monthly, until they are 5 years old, is now in all Tennessee counties. [Having books at home], he said, “prepares kids for school when parents read to them and children eventually learn to read themselves.”

The children offered that among their favorite books were “Where the Wild Things are” and “I’m going on a Bear Hunt.” The Governor offered that his favorite books were the sports series in which Chip Hilton was the featured character.

Josh, a student in the class, asked him how long he had been governor, to which he replied, “One year and two weeks.”

Lilly, another student, asked Mrs. Haslem if she liked being the governor’s wife. She replied, “I do. I have been Bill’s wife for 30 years and I have always like it. Since he has been elected governor, we are experiencing new and different things.”

When Claire asked the governor where he went to college, he admitted that he was the only one in his family who did not go to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville – in his hometown, but that he went to Emory University, to which Mrs. Haslem quickly added, “He came down to find me.”

Will asked him if he liked being governor, “ I do,” he said. “It is an honor to be governor of my home state. It’s the same as being a teacher, I am proud to be making a difference.”

Mary got the First Lady of Tennessee to admit that her favorite food is ice cream and Sara found out that the Haslems have two dogs, a mother and son combo who are both brown. “They are the King and Queen of the house,” said Mrs. Haslem.



Posted on: 2/8/2012


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