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Are you smarter than a first grader when it comes to fire safety?

The Franklin Fire Department wants to know:
The Franklin Fire Department’s Family Safety House is on the road again, bringing fire safety education to first grade classes and special events throughout the area. This Saturday the Family Safety House will be at Lowe’s Franklin from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for Fire Safety Day.

Since 2005, more than 10,000 children have toured this 39-foot mobile classroom.  They’ve learned how to prevent fires and burns, and what to do when they happen.

Franklin Fire and Life Safety Educator Jamie Melton said the Family Safety House is a specially designed trailer that allows children to experience a simulated fire in a home-like setting.  She said, “The lessons they learn are life skills that are important for everyone, not just first graders.”

She said if you have a child who will be participating in the program, this is a great time to make a home fire escape plan and practice it in order to bring the lessons home for the entire family.  For a fire safety checklist and tools to help with this, visit the Franklin Fire Department’s website at

Here is what first graders experience in the Family Safety House:

· 911 Simulator – A firefighter in the control booth answers 911 calls from children and helps them practice calling for help, giving their name, address and problem.

· In the kitchen/living area, children learn to spot common dangers such as matches/lighters, candles and a hot pan on a hot stove. They also learn the importance of working smoke alarms and practicing a family fire escape plan.

· In the bedroom, children learn the importance of knowing two ways out of every room, with the help of a heated door. When children feel the door is hot, they learn that means there may be fire on the other side, and they must use their second way out.

· After learning fire safety lessons and home fire survival skills, the smoke alarm sounds and the room fills with nontoxic smoke. Children practice crawling low under smoke and follow instructions to exit the Family Safety House safely.

· The escape route leads children outside where they gather at their Outside Meeting Place. Upon completion, children receive an Outside Meeting Place ribbon, a plastic fire helmet and more. They also get a chance to look at the fire engine and firefighting tools and gear.

Melton said that teaching children what to do when fire strikes not only helps keep them safe, but it also helps reduce firefighters’ risks. She said, “If children are already outside when firefighters arrive, they do not have to risk their lives trying to find them in a burning building.”

Upcoming Family Safety House School Schedule:

· Sept. 21 – New Hope Academy

· Sept. 24 – 25 – Clovercroft Elementary

· Sept. 26 – 27 – Poplar Grove School

· Oct. 2 – Winstead Elementary

· Oct. 3 – 4 – Pearre Creek Elementary

· Oct. 8 – 9 – Johnson Elementary

· Oct. 10 – Franklin Montessori

· Oct. 15 – 16 – Hunters Bend

· Oct. 17 – 18 – Liberty Elementary

· Oct. 24 – 25 – Oak View Elementary

· Oct. 30 – 31 – Franklin Elementary

· Nov. 7 – 8 – Moore Elementary

Posted on: 9/19/2012


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