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COMMENTARY BY JOE BIDDLE: Lowly Titans a welcome sight for Steelers

At 1-4 and wallowing with the dregs of NFL teams, the Tennessee Titans are taking a standing 10-count.

They have been outscored 181-88. That’s a 93-point difference, the widest point differential in the NFL. It’s also the most points given up in the NFL.

The only NFL team with a worse record is the Cleveland Browns at 0-5. Going to be a long winter in the Dawg Pound.

As far as the Titans are concerned, obviously this 12th Man thing isn’t working out. How bad does it have to get before we see the first Titans fan disguised as a grocery bag?

I predict that could happen tonight when the Pittsburgh Steelers drop by LP Field.

The Steelers are not exactly lighting it up. They have grown old. Hit man Troy Polamalu is out with a calf injury. The Men of Steel are 2-2 and they couldn’t have asked for a better place to go over .500 than Music City.

The big question is - have the Titans bottomed out, or is there more free-fall in their future?

Frustration was found in the locker room Sunday after they were pummeled by Minnesota, 30-7.

Coach Mike Munchak sounded the same old refrains. It was penalties, fumbles, and a defense that was left on the field to wither.

“We can never just get out of our own way to do something we wanted to do offensively the whole day,’’ Munchak moaned.

Once again, they couldn’t get in a flow offensively. But that has been the case whether it’s Jake Locker or Matt Hasselbeck under center.

Take out the 44 points they scored in their lone victory over Detroit and the Titans are averaging 11 points a game in the four losses.

You can’t beat the Una Bears doing that.

“There’s nowhere to go,’’ Munchak said Sunday. “We have to come back and win a football game. It’s coming back to work on a short week, find out what you’re all about. We are who we are. There is no draft coming up. There’s no adding more players, getting new coaches.

“This is the group we have and with this group we have to play much better, and we have to do it quickly.’’

Munchak hit on what I believe to be the bane of the Titans existence. Their talent level across the board is below average.

Name me one All-Pro player on the Titans’ roster.

One quarterback is past his prime. The other one is basically a rookie, one that is currently injured.

The highest paid running back, Chris Johnson, is yesterday’s news. He is irrelevant, yet they still try to reinvent him. That Chris Johnson is not coming back. Backup Jevon Ringer is now out 4-6 weeks with a strained knee MCL.


Darius Reynaud is a good return man, but he doesn’t appear to be an NFL running back. Two other NFL teams cut him. He played wide receiver at West Virginia and that may be his best position.

Defensively, the Titans have seven sacks in five games. They have three interceptions. They miss more tackles than one man can count.

“We are in the situation we are in because of the way we have played,’’ said cornerback Jason McCourty. “It’s up to us to go and change that.’’

And if there is one team that would relish nothing more than keeping the Titans down, it’s the Steelers.


Sports Columnist Joe Biddle is a four-time sports writer of the year in Tennessee. He can be reached at


Posted on: 10/10/2012


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