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Oh God, Please local author facilitates two-way conversation with God

In her latest books called the “Oh God, Please …” series, Franklin author, Leighann McCoy uses humor, personal experience Biblical stories and simple scriptural truths to provide women hope, encouragement and tools to guide them along their journey through life.

In the book, “Oh God, Please Teach me to Pray,” McCoy teaches readers how to approach and build a relationship with God through prayer. Prayer is not just rattling off a script, it’s a two-way conversation with God, but most people have difficulty initiating the conversation.

“As I prayed, I discovered prayer was not asking God about what I wanted,” said McCoy. “It’s building a relationship with God. I want women to understand, God invites an intimate relationship. He wants to be dynamic; he wants to be involved in our lives – involved personally.”

Building a relationship with God can be intimidating and overwhelming so McCoy simplifies the process by using her own life experiences like dating her husband and her life 25 years later.

“God created us so we can have a relationship with Him,” she said. “Other relationships are good mirrors as to what God wants.”

His answer to prayers are not always what was asked, as McCoy discovered when she prayed for God’s help with a slightly rebellious daughter. The unmarried daughter’s unexpected pregnancy in 2010 “was not something we thought God ordained,” she said.

But when the mother of three and now grandmother began her first round of 12 chemotherapy treatments in September 2012 after her second cancer diagnosis, her daughter and granddaughter cuddled beside her and she “knew the reason God gave her to me.”

The second book in the series, “Oh God, Please Help Me with my Doubt,” explains why prayers may linger for a long time without appearing to be answered causing doubt to creep into faith.

Again using scripture, Biblical stories and personal experiences, McCoy shows how to recognize God’s voice and delves into what to do when it appears He doesn’t respond.

“When he says no, when we have doubts, do what David did,” she said. “Remember what God has done before, look around at nature, find encouragement in prayer. The bad times are not going to last forever.”

McCoy has a heart and passion for God, her family and other women. Her passion for God led her to the seminary and a ministry at Thompson’s Station Church where she has been for 23 years with her husband Tom as senior pastor. Her passion for family has kept her own family balanced as they maneuvered their own rocky roads of life, which sometimes caught them teetering on the edge of cliffs.

Her passion for women is evident in her ministry and her writings, which reveal her desire to help women trust God in every way and in every experience – good and bad. 

As the women’s minister, McCoy touches the lives of many women in her church, but she often felt she needed to reach more.

“I didn’t aspire to be a writer,” she said. “You are or you’re not. I didn’t even know how to pursue writing. For me it’s been a matter of walking through life and learning along the way. Sometimes people think because I write books I have it all figured out. I don’t. I’m just hammering it out.”

Even as she battles cancer for the second time, she is using the struggle to learn, expand her faith and teach.

“Chemo makes me still – that’s a good lesson to know,” she said.

“If God doesn’t take you over or around He will get you through it.”

The “Oh God, Please …” series and McCoy’s other books may be found at, Barnes & Nobles, Lifeway, Books-a-Million and on her website 

Posted on: 1/16/2013


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