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Fellow Rotarian Ed Moody always extended a friendly hand

I was standing in the receiving line Friday afternoon to pay my respects for Mr. Ed Moody, a Franklin hero and pillar of the community who passed away at the age of 92. As I stood in line, conversations were taking place about Mr. Moody’s life and his influence on so many in this community. I mentioned to a fellow Rotarian who was standing next to me how unbelievable it was for Mr. Moody to have 60 years of perfect attendance. He rubbed his chin and said, “No not really. If you knew Mr. Moody it really wasn’t unbelievable to have perfect attendance. That was the way he was and if you knew that Ed believed in something he would support it 110 percent. He was diligent and that was the way he lived his life. You could count on him to be there and we even expected it. No it’s really not hard to believe at all.”

Obviously this Rotarian knew Mr. Moody much better than I did. However, I will say after thinking about that statement, and then listening to the stories and words said about Mr. Moody at his service, I can certainly agree with the Rotarian – it wasn’t unbelievable about his Rotary attendance. I think the same thing could be said for him about his church, faith and family. He was a man who was always there.

I was lucky enough to know Mr. Moody for six years. He was one of the few older Rotarians who extended a hand when I first joined the Franklin Noon Rotary Club. He was interested in my business and would always tell me what a great job we were doing with the local paper. He would stop by the office occasionally – especially in the first few years that I was involved. He would bring old photos for us to use or consider for a story. I especially enjoyed my time getting to know him while working on the Franklin Rodeo. He was an usher at the rodeo and showed up each night to work just like he had for 60 years. I learned so much about the rodeo and the club talking with him.

Pastor Rick White reflected on Mr. Moody during his service Saturday at the People’s Church. “He was the most contagious, influential, attractive, Christian man I have ever known. I have never heard anyone say an ill word about Ed Moody,” exclaimed White. “He lived a service life and he represented the people who built this great county.”

Mr. Ed Moody has touched so many people in Franklin and this community; I am honored to have known him, even for just a brief time. Pastor Rick White mentioned that one of the best things Ed Moody did was make sure you felt welcome and always extended his hand. Amen!


Thank you, Donna O’Neil

Donna wrote in her final Herald column last week this is not goodbye, but hello. However, I have mixed feelings on this. First, I am so happy that Donna will be able to work on her books while wearing her pajamas all day without the constant interruptions that the editor job brings. But I can honestly say that I am very sad to see her go, selfishly so. Donna stepped into the position of Managing Editor as only the second person to hold this title. You could say that there was pressure on her from the day she started. Donna brought a soft approach to the position with an outsider’s perspective. Donna formed relationships easily, and I enjoyed hearing from the public what a great job she was doing. She was easy to work with and would put up with my last-minute changes and ideas for the paper each week. She was reliable and hardworking and Donna took our news e-blast to a new level. More than anything, she was a friend and I will never forget her stepping up when I went through a tough time losing my father last year. Thank you Donna, for a job well done. And no, this isn’t goodbye; I will see you down at Handy Hardware.


Welcome Skip Anderson

I am pleased to welcome Skip Anderson to the managing editor position. While I am sad to see Donna go I am just as excited to be working with Skip, as he brings experience, passion, and energy to the position. I think our readers will be happy with my new hire and I look forward to new things to come. Please welcome Skip Anderson to the Williamson Herald!

Posted on: 1/31/2013


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