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FSSD director receives stellar evaluation

Director of Schools, Dr. David Snowden, received an “A” on his annual evaluation Feb. 11 from the Franklin Special Schools Board of Education. The board also awarded Snowden a performance-based bonus of 10 percent of his $160, 244 salary, which he declined to accept.

“We are happy to say you get the total amount awarded,” Board Chair Sherry Badger said. “We are very proud and appreciate all of your work.”

Snowden then told the board, as he has previously during his tenure of close to 12-years, “I fell very strongly, even though I’m entitled to the bonus, that money will stay in the district. I decline the bonus opportunity.”

Snowden returned his $16,024 bonus to the school system requesting it be put towards the safety assessment done last week by Safe Havens International, or other needs.

The evaluation is based on the most-recent academic year and was scored on four annual performance goals set by the board prior to the start of budget discussions last year. The four categories considered were: Improvement of student performance, which counted 40 points; effective management of district resources counted 30 points; transforming the vision into reality counted 20 points; and the highest level of internal and external communications was worth 10 points.

Out the possible 100 points, Snowden was awarded a 96.75. Improvement of student performance was his weakest category. He received 38.25 of 40 possible points and communication his strongest with a 9.75 of 10 points.

Each year, when the district receives the Tennessee Report Card for the recently concluded school year, Snowden delivers a “State of the System” report to the board addressing progress in each performance area and serving as a self-evaluation.

Following the address, each board member scores the director’s performance and submits the evaluation for compilation. Board members who have concerns are expected to discuss those concerns with the director. Evaluation results determine the composite score.

The board will meet within the next couple of weeks to set performance goals for next year before beginning work on the 2013-14 school year budget.

In other business the school board approved the 2013-14 school year calendar. The first day of school for students will be Aug. 7 and the last day is May 23, 2014. Fall break is Oct. 7-11, winter holiday is Dec. 23-Jan.3 and spring break is March 17-21 with a spring holiday April 18. TCAP tests will be administered May 5-9.

“Knowing we have families with students in both school systems, we worked closely with Williamson County schools’ calendar,” Snowden said. ”The stars aligned – this year breaks align with quarters and grading periods and we have more instructional days prior to TCAPs.”

Posted on: 2/13/2013


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