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Lead with your heart to pump life into your organization

Is it possible in today’s fast paced, stress filled, electronically wired, financially stretched business climate to lead with your heart and be effective?

Yes and yes.

No matter who we are and what our life experiences have been, our heart defines us and what we believe. Our most earnest passions reside in our heart; and it is the point of origin for our most treasured dreams. It is our authentic self.

Our physical heart, by pumping blood through a network of arteries, veins and capillaries, keeps our body alive; it is essential. Our spiritual heart is equally important. As leaders, it is vital to the wellness of our organizations. Often experience, knowledge or skills are identified as the most important components of leadership. Not so – without the spiritual heart – the lifeblood of the organization would not exist.

Leadership begins on the inside and works out. Leading with your heart is about living a life worth following.  It takes work. The melding of learning, experience and knowledge with integrity, compassion, intuition, and reflection, is paramount.

Leading with your heart means empowering and trusting your team – allowing team members the freedom to do the job creatively, to explore new solutions, to make mistakes and learn from them.  An empowered team believes in themselves, the work of the organization, and builds relationships of integrity and respect.

Recognize, with appreciation, contributions of excellence made by members of your organization. By celebrating the values and victories of the team, a spirit of community will be created within the organization. Team members will experience in their hearts that what they do every day matters.

Hands down, the most important leadership tool you posses is your heart. Keep it open. Be fully present. Be accessible. Connect and communicate. Affirm and encourage. Be a resource. 

“As a leader, you pump possibility into every person and every project,” said Michael Hyatt, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. “Possibility is what keeps the organization alive.”

A healthy organization full of growth and development depends on the strong spiritual heartbeat of possibility. If you lead, lead with your heart.


Debbie Henry is executive director of The TMA Group, and Associate Director of Lea

Posted on: 3/12/2013


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