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MAIN STREET BEAT: The homeless can continue to sell The Contributor, but is that a good thing?

The Franklin Board of Mayor and Alderman recently voted to allow homeless vendors to continue to sell the “The Contributor” newspaper on the city’s street corners with a few stipulations: The transaction must take place on passenger’s side of the vehicle, vendors cannot step into the street to facilitate the transaction, and sales cannot take place from the median. BOMA reached the compromise in the face of an ordinance that would have outlawed the practice altogether on the grounds of safety. “The Herald” asked passersby in Cool Springs their opinion. Join the conversation via Twitter at #WHcontributor.

I don’t see how they could stop it. It’s their constitutional right to distribute newspapers.”
Mike Ciarimboli, Brentwood


I think it’s fine. It’s a good resource to help people help themselves.”
Lisa Coviello, Franklin


I think it’s a good cause, opposed to other means of making money. It’s awesome for the homeless to be given an opportunity to come out and earn a living. I wish the compromises weren’t there, but it’s a worth while cause either way.”
Brad Kirkpatrick, Brentwood


I am glad that they can sell the paper. I believe in what ‘The Contributor’ is doing, and think that it’s a good opportunity for the homeless to make money.”
Kelsy Harms, Nashville

The Herald publishes the first four responses that are relevant to the question. 

Posted on: 3/21/2013


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