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MAIN STREET BEAT: Main Street passersby say remember Earth Day

On April 22, people in 192 countries will recognize Earth Day, an annual observance relatively overshadowed by headier holidays. The Williamson Herald hit Franklin’s Main Street to find out whether Earth Day is an easily forgotten phrase on the calendar or important reminder to take care of the planet?

“It’s both. It’s easily forgotten but also very important. Little things make a difference. If everyone comes together, such as to stop smoking for a day, it can make a big difference.”

John Loschiavo,
Long Island, NY

“It’s important to take care of the environment such as recycling, conserving and planting. It can be the simplest things that help, such as not using plastic or styrofoam containers, or bringing your own bag while grocery shopping.

Diana Foster,
Collierville, TN

“It’s the only world that we have, so we better take care of it. We won’t have another one.”

Len Paden,
Owensville, KY

“The date itself is easy to forget. Every day should be Earth Day shouldn’t it?

Evelyn Bess,
Franklin, TN 

Posted on: 4/19/2013


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