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BOMA: Lawmakers ok sale of old, old jail

Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Alderman voted to accept an offer by the Heritage Foundation to purchase the city-owned Old, Old Jail at 112 Bridge Street for $25,000. The property, which includes a flood damaged, dilapidated two-story structure was declared “surplus property” in 2009, thus eligible for special consideration that allows the city to sell it for less than what it might bring on the open market.

“This is easily a $1.5 million project,” said Eric Stuckey, city administrator. “It’s not about a $25,000 property; it’s not about a simple transaction.”

Stuckey compared the sale of the Old, Old Jail to the Heritage Foundation to the sale of the Franklin Theatre, which the Heritage Foundation undertook as a costly makeover that resulted in it becoming an entertainment centerpiece for the city.

“This is another chapter from that same book,” Stuckey said.

The Heritage Foundation was forced to seek new offices when the city agreed to lease the Post Office Building at Five Points to First- Bank for 20 years. The renovated Old, Old Jail would eventually serve as offices for the Heritage Foundation.

BOMA unanimously approved the measure.

BOMA may give self pay raise Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen took another step toward giving itself a pay raise at its April 23 non-voting work session. If passed, it would be the first increase for the part-time positions in 25 years.

If enacted, it would increase the budget for the city’s eight aldermen and mayoral position part-time positions by $67,500. BOMA will likely have the fi rst of two votes necessary to approve the measure on May 14.

Mayor Dr. Ken Moore currently receives $9,600 annually, and is eligible for health, dental and life insurance, mileage reimbursement and a laptop computer. Each alderman receives $4,800 annually plus $20 per meeting after the fi rst monthly meeting. They, too, are eligible for health, dental and life insurance, as well as mileage reimbursement and a laptop computer.

The ordinance would increase the aldermen’s pay to $12,000 annually, and the mayor’s pay to $19,500. There was discussion, however, to consider increasing that to $24,000.

Ward 1 Alderman Beverly Burger said she notifi ed her constituency that a pay raise for BOMA is being considered.

“I sent out an email and there was not one objection,” Burger said.

BOMA are the only parttime positions of the city to be eligible for insurance benefi ts, according to Milissa Reierson, Franklin communications manager.

Posted on: 4/25/2013


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