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Edmondson Elementary rocking the Kid's Marathon

Photo by Derby Jones

The ING Kids Rock Marathon was in town along with the Music City Marathon April 28 and again Edmondson Elementary had the most student participation - not only in the Nashville marathon, but also through the entire 11 events across the country.

Edmondson had 423 students cross the finish line to complete their 26.2 mile marathon. The Kid’s Rock Marathon, in its 13th year, is a program to get kids more active and to fight obesity. Kids have five to six weeks to run 25.2 miles with their school’s program. On race day, they meet downtown and run the final mile of the Music City Marathon together.

Edmondson physical education teacher Dan Quesenberry says any kid can participate in Kid’s Rock Marathon no matter the skill level.

“A lot of the kids that aren’t even involved in sports - it is something they could do. You can run (or) walk. You don’t have to be an athlete,” Quesenberry said. “If you’re not involved in spring sports, you can do it. And a lot of the kids that (play sports) do it.”

“We’ve worked it out here where a lot of the teachers help. You can do miles at school, so they don’t have to do anything after school, before school or on the weekends,”

Quesenberry said. “That helped increase our numbers. It used to be where it was on your own so the parents had to commit to the time before and after school.”

Schools also can compete with other schools to see who can get the most participation, and that led to Crockett Elementary having their highest turnout last year.

“Last year it got really competitive with Crockett,” Quesenberry said. “They wanted to beat a Nashville school (that) has 250-300. It became really competitive and they actually hit 400 last year, but we had 480. This year no one came close within a hundred.”

The Nashville Kids Rock Marathon is capped at 7,000 participants, but Quesenberry thinks Edmondson can stay on top next year.

“Moving it to Sundays seemed to help and a lot of parents liked that. Of course there’s always a cap because we only have 740 kids here, but I think 500 is realistic.”

Posted on: 5/1/2013


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