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GOP concludes historic legislative session

In April, House Republicans wrapped up one of the most successful legislative sessions in Tennessee history. The first session of the 108th General Assembly was focused on passing commonsense legislative initiatives to aid both immediate and long-term economic development in Tennessee’s private sector.

Measures to cut taxes, ensure employers find Tennessee an attractive destination for their businesses and reinvigorate the state’s education system to better train the next generation of Tennessee workers were among the House GOP’s priorities. In addition, House Republicans worked hard this year to ensure the state continues to foster an environment where new jobs are created and small business can thrive.

With Republicans at the helm, the State Legislature fi nished its work in record time – this was the earliest conclusion for a legislative session in more than 25 years.

Tennessee is one of the most fi scally conservative states in the nation, with low taxes, very little debt, and a balanced budget every year. Because of this, our state has done an excellent job of attracting new businesses and inspiring local entrepreneurs.

Unlike Washington, D.C., I have seen the Tennessee General Assembly come together year after year to craft a fiscally responsible budget. This year was no different. We cut $43 million in taxes — we reduced the Hall Income Tax for seniors, lowered the grocery tax again, recognized another phase out of the death tax, and included sales tax holidays for both small business and all Tennesseans by continuing the annual fall sales holiday as our students go back to school.

We also fully funded K-12 education, included funding for technology upgrades in our schools, focused on higher education to see that more Tennesseans graduate with college degrees, and put $100 million in our state’s “Rainy Day Fund” for the future.

With a successful year behind us, the House Republican Caucus is ready to continue studying sound fiscal policy in order to carry forward this year’s efforts into the next legislative session.

Your Tennessee General Assembly is committed to crafting a fi scally responsible, balanced budget each year, streamlining government, cutting taxes and reforming the overall governmental process. In the future, we will build on our prior successes to make Tennessee an even better place to live, work and raise a family. Glen Casada (R-Thompson Station) represents District 63.

Posted on: 5/3/2013


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