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Voting in Brentwood slow early on

Trish Myatt and Tamela Soltis

Photos by Derby Jones

The strong early voting turnout in Brentwood could impact voting today as voter turnout was slow at two precincts this morning.

As of 8:20 a.m., only about 20 registered voters had turned out to vote at New Hope Community Church and about 40 at the Brentwood Library according to election volunteers.

However, that didn’t dampen the spirits of Mark Gorman supporters Trish Myatt and Tamela Soltis, who were holding signs in front of New Hope Community Church.

“We think the strong early voting will help us [Gorman]”, said Myatt. “His campaign worked hard to get new voters and we believe they got out and voted early. Mark Gorman is a great candidate, and a great guy.”

Soltis echoed Myatt’s’ comments about Gorman’s chances of unseating an incumbent.
“We are feeling good about his chances,” said Soltis. “We believe in him and he has a proven track record with his voting on the Brentwood Planning Commission.”

About 50 yards down from the Gorman supporters were Tom Galbreath, Lynn Markham and Bob Bellenfant, who were all holding signs for different candidates. Tom Galbreath is the father of candidate Jay Galbreath, recognizes his son is in for a fight today.

Tom Galbreath, Lynn Markham, and Bob Bellenfant

Photos by Derby Jones

“It’s not easy to unseat an incumbent in Brentwood,” said Galbreath. “However, if anyone can do it [Jay] can. He is a father of five, a coach, and a hardworking family man that understands family values, he would be a great choice for Brentwood.”

The men plan to be there all day to support the candidates. Bob Bellenfant, who was holding a Rhea Little sign said despite the slow voting he likes his candidates chances.

“Brentwood got out and voted early, almost as much early voting as the entire voting from the last election. I think people know we have a good candidate in Rhea Little,” Bellenfant said.

The polls will be open until 7 p.m.

Posted on: 5/7/2013


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