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The Best Thing I Ate All Week: Shrimp Moe Boy sandwich in Cool Springs

The best thing I ate all week was a shrimp po’ boy at the new Moe’s Original Bar B Que in Cool Springs – to be exact, a Shrimp Moe Boy as it’s called on the menu.

Just like many Southerners growing up in Tennessee, I vacationed in Destin, Fla., where I became hooked on fried seafood before age fi ve and before I could tread water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Once I ordered, I thought back on some profoundly disappointing po’ boy experiences I’ve had in landlocked Tennessee; negative thoughts inundated my mind: – What if it’s all breading and no shrimp? What if I only get two shrimp amongst a sea of subpar bread? What if it’s overly seasoned with all seafood taste lost? When I sank my teeth into the lightly breaded butterfly shrimp, my mind was put at ease. The shrimp shined – dusted with a sprinkling of seasoned fl our fried to a flaky golden brown, notably absent of the thick, overpowering seasoned breading like many replicas I’ve eaten around town that always steal the shrimp’s limelight.

Served on a toasted white bun brushed with homemade tarter sauce, topped with fresh coleslaw and dill pickles, all of which complemented the shrimp, the sandwich had a special down-home quality that only would’ve been better if I were watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of the overall package of quality shrimp and in-store prepared toppings, I didn’t miss the French bread that traditionally encompasses a shrimp po’ boy. The tarter sauce stood out with a mayonnaise- and-vinegar mixture accented with pickles, jalapeños, a splash of lemon and a bit of sweetness that elevated the flavors of the shrimp.

I tasted remnants of the Gulf-quality shrimp po’ boy that I remembered as a child in Destin and as a tourist in New Orleans where I once walked five miles with blistered- sandaled feet to find a good one – now I’ll just take a short drive to Cool Springs.

Moe's Original Bar B Que is located at 9050 Carothers Parkway in Cool Springs. The Shrimp Moe Boy sandwich is $6 without sides.

Posted on: 5/9/2013


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