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Incident At Fort Granger to be performed June 8 at Fort Granger


Cary Smith and Preston Crook will perform in the upcoming play "Incident At Fort Granger" June 8 at Fort Granger.

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The Franklin City Parks Department and Franklin’s Pull-Tight Players are partnering for a special free performance of “Incident at Fort Granger” at Fort Granger on Saturday, June 8 at 6 p.m., which is the 150th anniversary of the incident.  
The “incident,” well known to historians and Franklin natives, occurred on June 8, 1863, shortly after the Union fort was built.  Two Confederates, disguised as Union officers, came to Fort Granger for a reason still being debated upon but were discovered and tried as spies that night.
Easy access to the fort can be made from a designated parking area at 308 Eddy Lane next to the former 4H barns.  Limited parking space for elderly or disabled patrons will be on Ft. Granger Drive (off Eddy Lane), closer to the staging area.
"Incident at Fort Granger" was written by local historian Robert Holladay, who researched the historical incident. The performance is recommended for adults and children age 10 and older.
Attendees are asked to bring folding chairs or blankets, and organizers recommend that attendees also bring bug spray.
The play is about an hour and a half long, without an intermission and is timed to end shortly before sunset, which will be approximately 8 p.m. The audience will have time to explore the fort and read the historical markers after the play is over.
In the event of cancellation due to heavy rain or lightning, the show will be performed Sunday, June 9, also at 6 p.m. at Otey Hall.
For more information, send an email to
The play is directed by Peggy Macpherson, and the cast includes Cary Smith, Preston Crook, Jeanne Drone, Vince Cusomato, Nelson Bryan, Ron Geagan, Stan Ferguson, Jim Anderson, Woody Woodruff, Jerry Sharber, Hanes Sparkman, John Kitson, Bill Jones, Asher Pope, Greg Pope, and Taylor Sokoll. Claudia Finnegan is Assistant to the Director. Iain Macpherson sings a song and is the camp drummer. Members of the 1st Tennessee Infantry Reenactors will be guards. Franklin townspeople are played by Jennifer Alvey, Nick Soto, Claudia, Steve and Sophia Zanolini, Ruth Campbell, Rosemary Strawn, J.K. Gregg, Hannah Smith Bradshaw and Claudia Finnegan.

Posted on: 6/4/2013


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