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High Brow Brew brings buzz into Westhaven

The new coffee shop High Brow Brew is serving a quality dose of unique American coffee culture in Westhaven Town Center in Franklin. Tucked around the scenic lake in the upscale mixed-use development, the coffee shop offers organic coffee and tea, as well as organic or all-natural ice cream and baked goods.

While creating memorable latte art with each java pour, husband-and-wife duo Carter Quinn, the store’s manager and John, the barista, focus on creating the perfect brew for each customer, while making a mark in American coffee culture in Franklin. 

Husband-and-wife duo Carter Quinn, the store’s manager and John, the barista, serve up a tasty, custom organic brew.

“American coffee culture is going through a period of reinvention. People are looking for more quality in beans and uniqueness in taste,” John said. He explained that bigger coffee shops that serve the masses might not take as much time to brew the beans just right which results in burning espresso and coffee which, naturally, compromises quality.

“We want to focus on quality and excellence and on people tasting greatness in our coffee,” Carter said.

Steve and Doe Pearson of Leiper’s Fork are the owners of the shop.
The owners, who moved to Leiper's Fork from Los Angeles two years ago with their seven children, wanted to bring a unique coffee experience to the Franklin community. “We felt that the community needed a place to gather – a place that the neighborhood could call their own,” Doe said.

“We want customers to relax and enjoy a special product in a special environment," Steve said. "We offer pour overs, so each customer gets a unique handmade, custom cup of coffee – that’s fresh and organic.” 
The Quinns take pride in each brew served at the shop. They constantly adjust the course of the grind of the coffee according to room temperature and humidity while measuring each grind by volume in order to make the “perfect” cup. Carter explained that the unique house blend tastes balanced and smooth with “chocolatey” and deep fruit notes such as plum and cherry, which emanate from the organic Peruvian and Ethiopian coffee beans. The high-quality, organic coffee beans are roasted by Counter Culture Coffee, an award-winning roaster, based in Durham, N.C.

A native of Nashville, Carter said, “I’ve always loved the coffee culture in Nashville. There is a lot of music and art in the city, and it seems that the coffee culture follows that.”

After attending college in California and later receiving coffee training at Intelligentsia, a leading coffee company in the nation, she decided to move back to Nashville where she found a place at High Brow Brew.

“Working here is in sync with my passions because I love coffee, and I love people,” Carter said.

Open for about six weeks now, High Brow Brew is already serving regular customers who stop by almost every day.

“They just love what they do and are so excited about what they do, which makes it really fun,” Kelly Aus, regular High Brow coffee-sipper and violinist said. “I’ve never seen such passionate baristas.”

“I am becoming more of a coffee nerd, so I love the quality of the beans and the atmosphere,” she said.

Kelly Aus, frequent High Brow coffee-sipper and violinist, enjoys her custom brew weekly.

The atmosphere depicts a warm, rustic, upscale barn with gray wood walls and uses oversized Mason-jars as hanging lights.

Although, coffee reigns supreme in the shop, organic teas by Bellocq Tea Atelier cannot be ignored. “We take our tea just as seriously as we take our coffee,” Carter said.

The temperature of the water for each steep is measured for each tea blend, which is only about 175 degrees for delicate green teas and higher for sturdier black teas, she said.

“It’s a nice little community spot for American culture coffee. You have your work, home and your coffee shop – which describes the culture of coffee in America,” Carter said.

“We pay attention to detail, knowledge and training.”

Carter’s best advice for a tasty cup no matter where the coffee making takes place is to brew coffee within a minute after being freshly ground so that it does not lose gases (tasty compounds). “Oxygen is the enemy of coffee,” she said.

The shop serves locally baked goods from bakers such as Lucy’s Kitchen and Jones Mill Farms, as well as other locally crafted products from Cocoa Tree, TruBee Honey and Russell Creek Sorghum Mill.

Posted on: 6/5/2013


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