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Brentwood murder suspect pleads not guilty to all charges

Brentwood murder suspect Randolph Maidens plead “not guilty” to all four charges against him in a Williamson County courtroom this morning. David Raybin, Maidens’ defense attorney, spoke on his clients’ behalf, entering “not guilty” pleas in proceedings that lasted about two minutes.

Maidens is charged with criminal homicide, two counts of tampering with evidence and child neglect after police say he murdered his wife, Rachael, with a shotgun in their Brentwood home April 21. Maidens posted $750,000 bond June 4, with the order of remaining in Davidson or Williamson counties and that he wear a GPS monitoring device. He appeared in civil court yesterday for a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Rachael Maiden’s family. He is under a temporary restraining order not to use the couple’s assets.

Maidens arrived in the courtroom more than 30 minutes prior to when Judge James G. Martin was scheduled to begin hearing cases, waiting for his arraignment on the far end of the gallery’s front row. Because he is out on bond, he was not in handcuffs, nor was he wearing an orange jumpsuit. Instead, he wore a pressed gray suit, a dark shirt and a tie with wide, purple stripes. His short brown hair was neatly combed, and five-o’clock shadow defined his jawline. While waiting, Maidens sequestered himself from others in the gallery by sitting next to the wall with a member of his defense team seated immediately to his right on gallery’s wooden bench. This configuration also allowed him to sit as far as possible from the prosecution's witnesses seated in the gallery. Other members of Maidens’ defense team took turns leaning over the short wooden fence that separates the gallery from the proceedings area, speaking to him in short bursts. Maidens rarely responded to them, or even acknowledged their existence; he mostly stared ahead, detached from his surroundings like a passenger on a long bus ride.

Despite his case being listed on the second page of the docket, Judge Martin called Maidens’ case first. He stood to the right of the podium as Raybin responded to the judge’s comments and questions, ultimately entering “not guilty” pleas to all charges facing his client. The absence of a court reporter delayed the start of the proceedings by about 15 minutes.

Posted on: 6/25/2013


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