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Socially Awkward: Five tips to win Facebook fans

Ok, you have started a Facebook page for your business or organization and you’re excited to start getting fans, but no-one seems to be noticing you, let alone commenting on that awesome photo you just posted. Now that’s awkward! What’s the secret to posting, attracting comments and getting more fans? Allow me to share five tips I’ve discovered along the way managing the City of Franklin social media sites.

 Five Steps to Facebook Success

1) Stay relevant

Don’t post just to post; make your status updates are meaningful. Think about what you like to see when you’re going through your news feed. For example, a generic update for the city may be “It’s a nice day in Franklin,” versus a photo of one of our city parks with a post saying, “It’s a beautiful day to get out and visit one of Franklin’s beautiful parks!”

Photos and info graphics are worth more than just a written message! Also don’t always try to sell something. Stay current, keep it happy, make it funny, and keep it interesting, then link back to your website, a coupon, or an interesting article. Occasionally ask your fans for feedback: not only do you learn more about your followers, but when they comment it shows up in their news feed and more people see your post.  

 2) Stay regular

No, this has nothing to do with eating more fiber! Try to post something at least once a day; two to three times is preferable. If you haven’t posted anything for a week or two, people will lose interest in your site and may un-like you. Take a cue from businesses that are doing it well, Southwest Airlines, Zippos’, Starbucks and the City of Franklin (at least we hope so).

 3) Link to Facebook

If your company has a website, make sure your social media links are front and center. If you send emails, make the links part of your signature. If you have any type of automatic bill pay or secondary webpages where you know you get a lot of hits, make sure your social media links are accessible. Advertise on your local media e-blasts. Most of these ads are affordable, and it’s easy for readers to click and like your page from the ad.

 4) Time status updates

The following has happened to the best of us: we think we’ve posted the most interesting, funny, well-thought-out status update, but not one person likes it or comments on it! Awkward. You say to yourself, “Doesn’t anyone like me?  Why didn’t they like it, or comment?” Well, think about it. When do you check your news feed? If you post at a time when people are not looking, your post will move down the news feed, and chances are few people will see it because they are not looking until several hours later. The best times to post are first thing in the morning, lunch time, and after dinner! And if no one comments, and it’s important information, post it again just to make sure they see it! (But don’t make a habit of this.)

 5) Purchase a Facebook ad to get new fans.

Some people may say this is buying fans, but I think it’s simply reaching out to people who may not have known you were there! That’s what ads are about after all. A small investment could attract hundreds of new fans. This may be intimidating at first for those who have never done it, but it’s quite simple, and you can experiment with a small budget. The secret is to use an eye-catching photo that represents your brand. Dull photos will not get a good return. From there, you can choose your audience by city, state or country-you can even target men or women and age groups!

 Good luck, and don’t be afraid to experiment! Follow these five tips and soon your fans will begin to multiply. And don’t forget to follow the City at

Posted on: 6/28/2013


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