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Franklin redefines pay grades for all employees

The city of Franklin will redefine its compensation plans – by adjusting pay and job descriptions – for all employees by fiscal year 2014-15. The city currently employs about 700 workers with about 250 job descriptions.

 “We need to stay relevant to the market to attract the best employees,” Eric Stuckey, city administrator, said.
On July 23, the city of Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen discussed implementation, which includes pay grade adjustments and updating almost 20-year old job descriptions.

Based on studies conducted on the market value of jobs in dozens of surrounding cities, Stuckey and his team spent about two years collecting comparable data. According to Stuckey, the market propelled the need for Franklin to upgrade pay scales in order to retain the best employees possible.

Each pay grade includes a minimum, middle and maximum. Stuckey reported that on the new pay scale only about four or five positions would be “maxed out” of their grade compared to about 42 that are currently earning maximum pay with no room for advancing.

“It gives a lot more folks room to grow,” Stuckey said.

 Some upper level positions could make up to $30,000 to $40,000 more per year at the maximum range.
However, concerns were raised by some aldermen regarding discrepancies in pay between departments and the reduction of some employees’ maximum pay levels.

“I am concerned about who might be adversely affected,” said Dana McLendon, Vice Mayor and Ward 2 Alderman. “Who is getting hit with a lower pay grade tap than when they started with the city?”

“If 10 years down the road, they thought they would be making ‘x’ and now they are not, that could be a real issue for them,” he said.

Also, Alderman At Large Brandy Blanton pointed out that some confusion could exist between departments among employees who perform similar jobs but get paid different amounts.

Voting was postponed until Aug. 27 so that aldermen could have time to submit questions to Stuckey and his team for discussion Aug. 13.

Posted on: 7/24/2013


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