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Frankin releases results of police investigation; no evidence of wrongdoing found

(Editor’s note: The Herald is posting this statement provided by Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey in full for our readers.)
The City of Franklin Administrator’s office has received the Metropolitan Police Department Investigative Summary of the alleged inappropriate access to a juvenile database by a member of the Franklin Police Department. The report’s findings indicate there is no clear evidence of wrongdoing. Interviews with employees and forensic analysis of computers did not indicate an inappropriate use of the juvenile database of the Davis House Child Advocacy Center, 21st Judicial District.

“The City has absolutely handled these allegations in the proper way in asking Metro to handle this internal investigation for us,” said City Administrator Eric Stuckey. 

“We thank Metro for the time and determined pursuit of the truth in this matter. The results of the investigation are inconclusive.  There is no forensic evidence from anyone’s computers, or from the database itself to prove any of our employees accessed any juvenile records inappropriately.”

“Since this alleged incident, the Davis House Child Advocacy Center restricted access to juvenile records by assigned jurisdictions. The investigation provided no evidence that anyone outside of those authorized to review juvenile records had access to the restricted juvenile database.”

“While the results of this investigation are not conclusive, we feel the investigation was fair, impartial, and thorough.  Regarding the direct allegation of inappropriate use of the database there will be no disciplinary action for any employees.”

“As a department, and as a city government, we strive to improve every day as a public service organization. We will use this experience to learn and improve.”
Below is the timeline of the investigation:
•         April-July 2012-Alleged inappropriate access on DCS/NCA Trak Data base.
•         May 3, 2013- Employee notifies Chief Rahinsky of alleged incident from one year ago.
•         May 8, 2013-City Administrator determines an outside agency would conduct the investigation.
•         May-July-Metro investigates alleged incident, interviewing City employees and attaining forensic evidence from City     computers and connected juvenile agencies.
•         August 1-Report delivered to City Administrator Office.

Posted on: 8/9/2013


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