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Commentary by Joe Biddle: Put Manziel on the sidelines?

The college football season is only entering its second week and already I’m weary of Johnny Football.

Not only has the Texas A&M quarterback proven to be a punk off the field, he continues to be one on the field.

Manziel had a cursory suspension of the first half against Rice last Saturday. That still gave him enough time to show his rear end. And that he did.

In my mind Manziel has gone from being Johnny Football to Johnny Jackass.

After being tackled by a Rice defender, Johnny Jackass got up and pretended to be signing an autograph for the opponent. Classy, huh?

He had been sweating being suspended for a lengthy amount of time for allegedly signing hundreds of autographs for memorabilia dealers over the summer. Of course, the NCAA doesn’t have the guts to suspend last year’s Heisman Trophy winner and mess up what is in huge demand for network TV games.

So what else did he do? Flashed the universal “money’’ sign by rubbing his fingers against his thumb. He gets off Death Row and sticks it in the warden’s face.

He was finally shown the bench for keeps after pointing at the scoreboard after throwing one of his three touchdown passes.
Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin has a huge problem on his hand, just as Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy does with basketball wild child, Marshall Henderson.

How does a coach get through to these type immature athletes whose main priority seems to be building street cred?

Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards had a good suggestion while guest on The Herd sports talk show Monday.

Edwards admitted to improper behavior while in kindergarten. His teacher would punish bad behavior by taking a kid’s graham crackers and milk away. If that didn’t work, she knew what would.

The most punitive punishment was the one that got the message across loud and clear.

She would keep the offender inside during recess. A kid can survive without his cookies and milk. But having to look out the classroom window at all your buddies playing on the playground was the epitome of punishment.

It may be unpopular with Aggie fans, but Kevin Sumlin needs to do the right thing. Take Johnny Jackasses’ recess away.
For every unsportsmanlike move Manziel makes during a game, he would stand by Sumlin for the next quarter. If he acts up in the fourth quarter, he would be on the bench for the rest of the game and the first quarter in the next game, no matter whom the opponent is.

All coaches in team sports tell you the greatest motivator for any athlete is the bench.

Don’t get me wrong. I hope Manziel gets his act together. He is an exciting player to watch. Even though he was a redshirt freshman last year, I voted for him to win the Heisman Trophy.

I don’t think he will repeat. There are opposing players out there that would decapitate Manziel if they get a clear shot at him. He was already a target coming into this season.

He is not the biggest, strongest quarterback out there. He has magical feet, pocket awareness and escapability. He will need all those gifts. 

If only he had the common sense to be aware of his every move. He could own the college football world.
It’s all up to him. Johnny Football, or Johnny Jackass?  


Posted on: 9/5/2013


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