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Special Census workers visit neighborhoods, online form still active

Every 10 years, the federal government conducts a national census in order to reapportion the House of Representatives and the Electoral College.
Williamson County participated in the national census in 2010. 
This year however, Franklin officials are urging residents to respond to a Special Census being conducted only for the city. 
The data obtained will update Franklin’s population information, which will help the city departments plan for future facilities and services. 
Also, as a result of this census, Franklin will be able to receive more money from state-shared revenue, which is based on population.
Residents were sent a letter at the end of the summer with a form attached that had to be completed by Aug. 23.
But residents can still participate by filling out a very simple online form, which will only take a few minutes to complete.
City officials encourage residents to visit to participate.
To ensure that the census reflects the most accurate data, census takers, who are clearly identifiable as Special Census representatives, are going door-to-door to request residents participation.
Information being collected includes address, the first and last names of everyone residing in that address, age and race (but the latter two are optional and do not affect the census).
 “The information it captures is extremely simple and mundane. There’s no personal information, but it’s amazing the benefit it is to us as a city because we capture about $100 per person,” explains Alderman-at-large Brandy Blanton. 
“If you think about how fast we’re growing as a community, we could do these about once a year, but obviously it costs money to do that… it’s such a benefit for the city because the money that we get is almost like free money just for counting heads.”
If you haven’t filled out your forms, consider going online or assisting a Special Census representative when they visit your home. 

Posted on: 10/17/2013


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