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Commentary: Page senior makes Williamson County proud

There is a very talented young lady whose senior year at Page High School has been unique to say the least.  Juhi Pathak, the daughter of Sanjay Pathak and Neeta Sharma, has captured the hearts of locals since she was just an elementary school girl. If her vocal prowess doesn’t get your attention, her poised, unflappable, but oh so sweet, personality will cause you to pause. 

She has spent the past several months on a roller coaster ride as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Juhi was selected early to participate in this highly competitive arena at the young age of 16.
Almost immediately, she became the subject of a friendly fight between two judges who both wanted her for their teams. In the end, she advanced two rounds, and for those following this on television it has been entertaining and inspiring.  This week, much to the disappointment of her fans, especially those of us at the Williamson Herald, Juhi was not selected to move forward in this multi-faceted competition. 
Disappointment may visit but it will not rest here because Juhi is absolutely a fantastic young lady with an incredibly bright future. During the early weeks of competition I interviewed someone who is an expert on the matter. Laura Hill, who founded The Jam, a music enrichment camp for teens in Williamson County was not at all reticent about talking about Juhi.

“I saw her perform at the Williamson County Fair.  She sang Mercy there, and it stopped everybody in their tracks. If people were walking around the arena, they stopped cold because this enormous voice came out of such a small person and you knew it was a star. This child had something special. I think she really is going to make our hometown proud.”
Laura Hill first came into contact with Juhi when she participated in the Hill’s summer program, which is offered to youth aspiring to be musicians or vocalists.
“There are a lot of kids at The JAM that are standouts, but Juhi is just one of those amazing talents. Plus, she is interesting to watch and that passion is so deep when she performs. It’s like there is a higher power coming through her. When you hear her sing and watch her sing it is in every part of her soul. People, who become successful in this business, that’s what they’ve got to have.”
Sanjay Pathak feels the same about his daughter. “She made all of us so proud. We really believe in her and to see her on national television at the age of 16…it was very humbling.”
Not to be discouraged, Juhi came back from her defeat with a renewed sense of herself and her passion for music. “She came back from the taping and went to her room, picked up her guitar and started playing.”
Pam Horne is managing editor and can be reached at

Posted on: 11/1/2013


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