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The Night of Broken Glass as told by Inge Meyring Smith at the library Nov. 10

Longtime Franklin children’s educator and business owner Inge Smith will speak at the Williamson County Public Library Sunday, Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. in observance of the upcoming 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, translated the Night of Broken Glass.

At 90, Smith continues to share the experience she had as a young Jewish girl growing up in Nazi Germany, while Jews were still free from arrest.

Smith, who barely escaped the Holocaust, was able to exit Hitler’s Germany with her parents Walter and Lucie Meyring in November of 1938 at the age of 15.  She witnessed this moment of history as a teen and will share her thoughts with the public, three-quarters of a century after the event.

In the early morning hours following the infamous night, Smith and her mother were en route by train from Berlin to Hamburg, initially not knowing what was taking place around them.

Smith reflected recently on a conversation she remembers her mother having with a woman sitting on the train the morning after Kristallnacht. As they peered out the window, the stranger commented on what she saw.

Inge remembers. “As we traveled through Berlin, we noticed broken glass in the streets and women and children sweeping, watched over by Gestapo agents in uniform. We were more alarmed when we saw the beautiful old temple in flames. A woman sitting next to us gazed out the window and proclaimed: “Today the synagogues, tomorrow the churches.”

History unfolded just as the Meyring family was within a day of departing their homeland to seek a secure and free life in the United States. 

Her book Born for America: The Life of Inge Meyring Smith was released earlier this year detailing her personal story.

To learn more about this and other free events coming up at the Williamson County Public Library, visit or contact the library at 595-1243.

Posted on: 11/7/2013


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