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Commentary: How to Play Road Rage/Zen Bingo

I’m part of the daily cattle herd going north on I-65 each morning which then turns around and becomes a large flock of sheep without a shepherd heading south, the herd and the flock grazing on pavement as they move slowly along.  
There are always mavericks in the herd and light-brains in the flock—drivers of half-ton vehicles who become bulls and donkeys behind the wheel.
Recently after getting angry at the second moronic maneuver of the day, I had a revelation and a solution to my brewing road rage. Actually my preferred solution would be to have machine guns and missile launchers welded onto the engine block of my car, discreetly peering through the front grill like an assassin peeking through venetian blinds. 
“You think this is just a mousy 8-year old Mazda compact? Think again and say your prayers, Hummer boy!”  
OK, back to my gentler and legal solution…I realized that I should not be surprised by bad drivers and knucklehead moves. In fact, I should expect them; and by expecting them I’ll be less amazed and angered by lapses of common sense and courtesy on our streets and highways. 
And then I got the idea to not only expect idiocy and evil, but to look for it and make a game of the madness. And Road Zen Bingo was born.  Since Bingo instructions and rules are common knowledge I won’t cover them here. Besides, you are welcome to improvise (i.e. cheat).  Simply cut out the Road Zen Bingo Card and never leave home without it.  


Posted on: 11/14/2013


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